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Top Egyptian YouTube Channels to Start Following Today

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Top Egyptian YouTube Channels to Start Following Today
    written by
    Aminah Keevy

    Between the hustle and bustle of the workday, family life, and extracurricular activities, it is beneficial to find outlets to decompress every now and then. This compilation of Egyptian YouTube personalities and channels are ideal whether you want to turn your brain off for a few minutes, learn random facts, or discover an out-of-the-box method for improving physical and emotional health.

    Just for Laughs

    Mohammed Tarek, the young content producer, has become a household name in the world of millennial comedy. Since his rise to fame through short clips singing along to famous pop tunes, Mohammed Tarek continues to produce videos sure to make you laugh. The clips are short enough to enjoy as a morning pick-me-up on your lunch break or even while queueing for your coffee with friends. His satirical method of insulting himself and light-heartedly questioning other people’s intelligence will add the positive energy you’ve been searching for to your daily routine. With 575K following him on YouTube, his most popular video is titled “Who Is Billie Eilish” and has over one million views.

    Ahmed El Ghandour, the creator of El Daheeh, produces silly comedy shorts guaranteed to make you chuckle. Creative storylines and simple execution make them easy to follow and appreciate. Some roughly 20 minutes long, these videos may be a bit lengthy for the morning commute but are perfect for winding down when you return home. The most popular video has nearly 4.9 million views, and you can watch it here.

    Wonder and Learn

    Ahmed Samir brings us educational tidbits through the channel Egychology. Presenting information on a vast array of topics, this YouTuber knows how to grab your attention. With catchy graphics, a smooth narration, and facts that flow without becoming overwhelming, his videos will educate and entertain in a matter of minutes. His content varies and is accessible to children and adults, making it an ideal channel to turn on in the background for anyone wanting to learn something new. In addition, some videos are more opinion-based and serve as a demonstration of extensive thought rather than school-subject information sessions only.

    Improve Wellbeing

    Eman El Emam gives us medical insight via her YouTube channel, Espitalia. She offers advice and knowledge through quick videos that clarify procedures, define requirements for certain therapies, and provide detail on appropriate prevention and treatment methods for various illnesses. Her videos raise awareness to the public while staying positive and fact-driven. This channel is an excellent addition to your repertoire if you are seeking easy-to-understand medical information.

    With a Masters in Family Medicine and PhD in Clinical Toxicology, Dr Kareem Ali is here to bring light and positivity and encourage transformation through offering tangible ways to improve and spark lifestyle change. With several YouTube channels, including Fekr Tany and a more personal channel, Dr Kareem Ali Channel, he lists advice and out-of-the-ordinary solutions to common health issues. He also addresses medical topics in question, such as the positive effects that arise from a halt in dairy intake. Both channels are informative, uplifting, and provide information without being condescending to those who disagree with his ideas. If you are looking for encouraging content to spark a switch in lifestyle, this is it. With over four million followers, the most-watched video on Fekr Tany is on creative blood pressure treatment.