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Trustworthy Egyptian Tattoo Artists to Give You Some Fresh Ink

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Trustworthy Egyptian Tattoo Artists to Give You Some Fresh Ink
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

Looking to get inked? There’s no need to leave Cairo if you want to find a talented tattoo artist. Tattoos are means of self-expression and creativity, plus they can look totally cool! From dainty little doodles to full sleeves, there’s nowhere more personal to display artwork than on your body. 

When getting something permanent on your skin, it’s best to go somewhere you can trust. Otherwise, you might end up filled with regret (or an infection). With tattoos recently becoming more popular in Egypt, there are a lot of new tattoo parlours to consider. So we’ve decided to make it easy for you and picked some of Cairo’s most reputable tattoo artists. Here’s where to go if you want to get tatted up. 

The Ink Boy @the.inkboy

One of Cairo’s most popular tattoo artists, The Ink Boy is known for his excellent service and cleanliness. He does permanent tattoos, scar covering, and tattoo removal, and you’ll find his study in New Cairo in front of Waterway. Call or send a message on WhatsApp to 01202167273 or 01090123415 for bookings. 

Alice Ink

If you’ve been dreaming of a detailed and delicate little tattoo, this parlour in Maadi is the perfect spot. Charming flowers, butterflies, and handwritten messages with impressive linework will look stunning on your skin. Send them a message to book now. 

The Inkshop @theinkshop_ltd

Owned and operated by Alia Fadaly, this tattoo parlour in Zamalek does beautiful calligraphy and realistic tattoos. Fadaly was the first tattoo artist to be recognised by Egypt and is internationally certified by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery. 

Morse Ink @morse_ink

This proud Egyptian brand provides professional quality tattoos with immaculate artwork. Experience getting your own custom tattoo at their shop in Zamalek with styles like flash art and typography. Send them a message on Instagram to book. Walk-ins are also welcome.  

The Tat Cat @the_tat_cat_ 

This cool cat will give you a fresh tat. Operating in New Cairo, this artist does impressive work and has a collection of crazy designs ready for you to look through. You can DM for appointments or call +20 101 178 0365. 

Ink Cairo @ink.cairo

This local shop in New Cairo does both simple and intricately detailed designs. If you want bold colours or clean lines, drop in. DM or call 01145352902 for an appointment.