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Unconventional Careers Options to Explore

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Unconventional Careers Options to Explore
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

We’re not all cut out for the corporate lifestyle, and that’s okay. Although you may have grown up feeling like there are only a few viable career paths, you can still be successful without being a doctor or engineer. There are a lot of careers out there for people who consider themselves a bit less conventional than most. So, here are some jobs that will help you think outside of the 9 to 5. 

Makeup Artist 

If you’ve got the skills, why not profit from them? Lots of girls love doing makeup as a hobby, but there are some whose makeup game is next level. If you’re that designated person who is always doing your friends’ makeup to go out, you may have some real talent that you can turn into a business. Not to mention, popular MUAs in Cairo can make a killing during wedding and graduation season. 


Creative minds and cartoon lovers would love to find themselves working as an animator. These artists create images that are brought to life to bring us our favourite animated shows, movies, video games, and more. Those with a background in graphic design can also look into animation as a full-time career. Egypt has several animation studios, including Samaka Studio, which has designed work for Heinz, SWVL, and Coca-Cola.  

Ethical Hacker 

It may not be like you’ve seen in the movies, but being a hacker is still a very real job (although you probably won’t be stealing top secret files). Ethical hackers are usually hired by an organisation to hack into their own computer system, network, or application. This is done for companies to identify their weaknesses and prevent possibly getting exploited in the future. This job does require extensive technical expertise, so something like a computer science background is necessary.  


The land of the pharaohs is rich with history and culture that dates back centuries. So, of course, people are needed to keep track of all that important information. If you’re a history buff and love to organise, then this might be the career path for you. As an archivist, you would collect, assess, maintain, and provide access to records and archives. 

 Scuba Diving Instructor

With beautiful beaches and endless summers, Egypt is one of the best places for diving. If you’re truly passionate about the water sport and want to escape the stress of city life, consider getting licensed as a scuba diving instructor. Picture spending your days exploring the gorgeous waters of the Red Sea and relaxing by the shore on your breaks. 

Dog Walker 

Animal lovers are sure to find this job exciting. Fresh air and exercise with some adorable company is a dream job for many. If you’re not planning to do this full-time, this is an excellent way for students to make some extra cash. Whether you want to advertise your services locally or sign up with a service like On Leash that connects you to clients, there is no shortage of furry friends to walk around Cairo.