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WATCH: The Egyptian National Anthem Gets a Very Special Cover

WATCH: The Egyptian National Anthem Gets a Very Special Cover
written by
Sherif Khairy

What first comes to your mind when you think of Egypt? Is it the seashores? The Pyramids? Pharaohs in general? What about a sound? No not car horns and traffic, we’re talking about a more soothing sound. Well, for some, it’s the national anthem. Pretty basic, yes, but still a classic ode to patriotism and love for Egypt.

We can still remember iconic moments from our lives when the national anthem was front and centre. Those childhood memories in school of us singing to it in horribly pitched voices, or the times it played over Egyptian achievements in the Olympics, or perhaps our first game in the World Cup after a 28 year absence. Such proud moments are forever attached to the national anthem. But if you ever felt it could be jazzed up a bit just for fun, your prayers have been answered, because someone just gave it a saxophone cover, and let us tell you, it is quite impressive.

A video spread through social media, showing a man rocking the Egyptian national anthem skillfully on his saxophone, live in the Boston Metro in America. We’re baffled as to why he’d do that, as he gave no signs of being of Egyptian descent, but he does seem like a big fan. We’ll let you see for yourselves.

It’s not really clear who that man is, or why he was prompted to sax up our national anthem, but for some reason it makes us all giddy and cheerful.