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Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, Moustafa Amar and More

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Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, Moustafa Amar and More
written by
Christina John
Via Weezevent

Work stress just keeps getting to us, and we know you struggle throughout the week too. Make use of the weekend and unwind for a bit with some of the fun events happening over the coming three nights.


Wust El Balad at Cairo Jazz Club 

Wust El Balad are making a comeback this weekend and we can’t get any more excited about their performance. We have low-key been praying they would perform again on the stage of CJC, and our prayers have finally been heard!

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Dozee & Junior at Cairo Jazz Club 610

Spice up your weekend with the crazy beats from Dozee followed by the signature set of multicultural house sounds from Junior. Don’t let yourself experience FOMO and get your reservations ready now. 

For reservations, send CJC610 a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Mosad Ozil at Room Garden City 

Mosad Ozil is a music and vocal talent that you don’t want to miss. He will be sharing his genius work this Thursday on Room Garden City’s stage with some original and traditional Arabic songs with his own little twist added to the music. 

For more info, click here.

Stand Up Comedy Show at Greek Campus

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh from the heart? This Thursday the lineup of comedians will definitely serve you the perfect amount of laughter and good time.

For more info & tickets, click here.

Insane Live at The Atrium 

It always feels like there’s something missing when we don’t listen to techno music on weekend. Our weekly dose this time will be provided by The Atrium with a lineup that will be filling up the place with atmospheric and hypnotic melodic techno music. 

For more info, click here.

Empowering Generations Art Show at Le Studio 

A collection of leading masters of art and aspiring talents will be showcasing their masterpieces at Arkan starting from May 24th until June 7th. Come support the rising artists and get introduced to some mind-blowing concepts of art.  

For more info, click here


Mostafa Amar at Cairo Jazz Club 610

If you are like us and you grew up with your mom playing “Elsoud Oyounoh” and “Monaya” on the radio, then this is the perfect night of nostalgia for you. Mostafa Amar and DJunkie will be taking us back to the early 2000’s this Friday for a trip down memory lane. 

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

The Gypsy Jazz Project at Room Garden City 

This week’s jazz nights aren’t as abundant, but thank god we have the Gypsy Jazz Project with their combo of extraordinary mixes of Up-swinging, Waltzy and sometimes quiet, tranquil and ballad-ish music. Enjoy the tunes of their instruments and their outstanding passion in performing this Friday. 

For more info, click here.

Massar Egbari, Wust El-Balad, and H.O.H at The Marquee 

Get ready for a night that brings all your favorite bands to one stage. This is “Non Stop Music” and it is the launch of a series of incredible musical performances and events.

For more info, click here.

Transformational Breath Work Workshop at Osana Family Wellness 

Delve into your own psyche and explore your inner self with this workshop that focuses on conscious connected breathing. Get to understand and learn how to use your own breathing as a healing tool that is always available to improve your mental wellbeing.

For more info, click here.

Alhadra at El Sawy Culturewheel 

Two hours of Madeeh and Zekr to help you meditate and forget the worries of the world with Alhadra.

For more info, click here.


Islam Chipsy at Cairo Jazz Club 

Catch Islam Chipsy this Saturday playing his famous oriental and electronic mashups for a true Mahragan experience.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Mangabeys at Room Garden City 

After supplying us with perfect covers for Arctic Monkeys, Mangabeys are bringing their own original setlist that is sure to get us dancing all night.

For more info, click here.