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What to Expect From This Weekend in Cairo
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    The weekend strikes again, and with it all the rush and hustle of wondering where to go and what to do, and that’s where the weekend guide comes to the rescue.

    Arts and Culture


    Alexandria Blues Exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

    Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art has announced the solo exhibition by the artist Amre Heiba, which opens on January 9th and lasts until the end of the month.

    Amre Heiba presents 40 pieces that he has worked on for the last three years in the “Alexandria Blues” exhibition; an evocative title that fits the atmosphere of his work: mostly spaces devoid of human presence but with a certain humane sadness evoked. Definitely a theme that fits well with the winter gloom.

    Check more about the opening and the exhibition here.

    Khalid Mohammad at El-Sawy Culturewheel

    The photographer Khalid Mohammed is giving a beginner’s lecture on professional photography. He’ll go over everything a beginner needs to know: the history of photography, different kinds of cameras and how to choose the best one for your needs, how to start working, how to promote yourself, and many more.

    For more information check the event page here.


    Expressive Art Therapy Workshop at Heila Arts Space

    Psychologist and artist Aisha Radwan is combining the two facets this weekend for her Expressive Art Session at Heila Arts Space. Radwan’s area of expertise is utilising art for therapeutical purposes. The workshop lasts for two days, but there’s the option to attend only one.

    For more information and registration, send an email here or call this number 01104582151.


    World Art Forum at National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

    January 15th opens the first round of the World Art Forum: a multicultural art and sustainability event that aims to connect east and west. True to its aim, the forum features exhibitions, cultural associations and artists from over 30 different countries from five continents.

    Learn more about World Art Forum here.

    Dr Dina Megahed at El-Sawy Culturewheel

    “Why has simplification become so complicated?” is delving head-first into business and the simple language of success. Dr Dina Megahed is the director of business administration at the Russian Culture Centre.

    Learn more about the lecture here.



    Impulse Night at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    Let loose at Cairo Jazz Club 610’s Impulse night on Thursday, the 13th of January. The night will be turned upside down by Ashmawy Music, Marino Canal, and Undercatt. Get ready to rock!

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.

    Rootzadelics at The Tap Maadi

    Rootzadelics is coming for us this weekend with their dub and reggae tunes for a one-of-a-kind experience at The Tap Maadi.

    For more information, check here.

    Blitz at The Tap East

    Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, Blitz, is playing at The Tab East this weekend. A mix that no one would want to miss!

    For more information and reservations, check here.

    The Gypsy Jazz Project at ROOM Garden City

    Gypsy Jazz is a genre that doesn’t do it like any other; full of up-swinging, waltzy, tranquil, and ballad music all at once, it’s something else altogether. The ones who first brought it to Egypt bring it to ROOM Garden City this weekend.

    For more information and reservations, visit the event Facebook page here.


    The Autobees at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    The coolest bus in town is coming to Cairo Jazz Club 610! It’s none other than Autobees El Sahra ft. The DJUNKIE coming to poke at our nostalgia spot with covers of classic Egyptian songs. There’s also a surprise guest appearance!

    For more information, check the event’s Facebook page here.

    JJ Quartet at ROOM Garden City

    Jazz lovers are winning this weekend! Room Garden City is hosting another jazz night bringing JJ Quartet. The concert starts at 9:00 PM.

    For more information and reservations, visit the page here.

    Shady Ahmed at The Tap West

    The melodies of Shady Ahmed and a light, tasty lunch is what all Friday afternoons should be made of. Make sure to reserve your spot.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.

    Closed Circuit at Cairo Jazz Club

    DJ Mofu, A. Salah, and Adham Dou bring their rocking tunes to Cairo Jazz Club this Friday. To make a reservation, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM. And for more information, visit this link.


    Rashad Fahim Trio at ROOM Garden City

    At the summit of Egyptian jazz pianists, Rashad Fahim dangles his feet! He will be playing this Saturday at ROOM Garden city. The concert starts at 9:00 PM.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.

    The Comedy Bunch at ROOM New Cairo

    The Comedy Bunch’s stand-up comedy show on Saturday at ROOM New Cairo is their 11th time to make us laugh there. Don’t miss it!

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.

    Hawas at Cairo Jazz Club

    Another nostalgic hit this weekend! Hawas’ “Sheret Cocktail” is coming to Cairo Jazz Club with their unique renditions of everyone’s favourite 90s Egyptian Pop hits. It starts at 9 PM.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link



    The Sinatra Show by Gaby Bishara at El-Sawy Culturewheel

    Gaby Bishara is once again shouldering the Sinatra show with his band for all of us to enjoy!

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.


    Mohammad El-Sawah and Nafekha at El-Sawy Culturewheel

    Mohammad El-Sawah and Nafekha bands are coming to El-Sawy Culturewheel this Friday to master instruments and bodies to create musical beauty!

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.



    Kayaking and brunching at Zamalek Kayak

    A brunch and kayaking surrounded by the Nile is the Saturday of dreams! Make sure to pay the Kayak fee within two days of confirmation, otherwise, your seat might be given to someone else.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link

    Adrenaline Archery Day at El-Ghaba Club

    In Heliopolis, El-Ghaba club is hosting a new darling experience. If you’re wary or think you can’t go if you’re not familiar with archery, have no worries, as there will be a professional coach to guide you.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link

    Adernaline Horse Ride at Saquara

    Have a taste of the nomad life while riding your horses near the Sakkara Pyramids this Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM.

    For more information and reservations, visit this link.