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Where to Go: Curly Hair Salons

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Where to Go: Curly Hair Salons
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Since the beginning of time, curly hair has been seen as an inferior hair type, and for one to be recognised as beautiful, she must have pin-straight hair. However, things aren’t the same anymore, and curly hair is starting to get the appreciation it deserves! In the past couple of years, many hair salons dedicated to curly hair have opened to help curly-haired people take better care of their locks. They also motivate newly budding curly-haired people to accept their curly hair and better define their curls. Here’s a list of the hair salons in Cairo that will help you on your curly hair journey.

    The Curly Studio 

    Being one of the first-ever specialised salons for naturally curly hair, The Curly Studio introduced the idea of taking better care of your curls and having a routine catered for your hair type. They’re known for their transformation from frail, confused waves to full heads of defined curly hair. They give tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair and the dos and don’ts during the transformation process. You can find more about them on their Instagram page @thecurlystudio, and they’re available all week from 10 am to 7 pm at their Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo branches.

    S Hair Studio 

    Founder Sara Abdelrazek, who studied and was certified in Paris, opened the holy grail for curly hair: S Hair Studio in Maadi. Not only do they offer many treatments such as washing, trimming, deep conditioning and bone marrow treatments, but they also give a free hair consulting session where you can get to know your exact hair type and how to take care of it. You can check out their Instagram page @S.hairstudio and head to their branch for a fresh cut or free consultation!

    G Curls 

    Whether you want a fresh cut or an entire pampering session at their Salon in Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed, G Curls will take care of your needs. Before they touch your hair, they have to test for its porosity first and determine the type they’ll be working with to give you the best results possible. Founder Ghada El Hindawy was inspired to open up G Curls by her daughter’s curly hair. The founder didn’t want her daughter to go through the straightening of her hair phase. Instead, she helped her take care of her healthy curls along with plenty of other fellow curly-haired girls and boys. You can check out their Instagram page @gcurlstudio


    This one is another trusted curly hair salon that will leave you with fresh, bouncy curls for you to take care of at home. Curlique, established by Yara Abdeen, is located in Uptown Cairo, Mokattam. To book an appointment, visit their Facebook page, click the service you would like, such as trimming, styling, hydrating, then choose the day that suits you best. They’ll send you the exact location once you’re done booking for your appointment. They also specialise in makeup, so you can have a self-care day all to yourself! Check them out on Instagram here @curliqueyaraabdeen


    For those who are in the transition phase from questionable curls to defined ones, Dafayer is your go-to. If you don’t want to walk around with hair you’re having a hard time styling, Dafayer offers you protective hairstyles that can last for months! Protective hairstyles keep the hair neat and the ends tucked away in a protective layer through braids and twists. These hairstyles help your hair growth journey while minimising damage. You can book through their Instagram page @dafayer and visit them in their Nasr City branch.