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Where to Learn Acting in Cairo

Cairo Acting and Casting Studio Dawar Arts Luke Lehner Studios Muse Art House Pro Step Film School
Where to Learn Acting in Cairo
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    Like any other form of art, acting encompasses way more than the abstract concept of “talent”. As an art, it has spanned thousands of years with various modes of training and principles, and theoretical work in academia. In short, acting isn’t merely imitating another person, it’s a form of art, and if you’re interested in learning it, we shouldn’t be the ones trying to teach you. However, we might know a place or two (or five!) where you can get the needed training though.

    Cairo Acting and Casting Studio

    CAS is essentially a casting studio that runs intensive acting workshops regularly. It’s run by Lauren (Lu) Unger-Geoffroy, a private acting coach and writer/director from Hollywood that has worked with actors such as Michael Madsen, Eric Stoltz and Nicolas Cage among others. She’s been coaching in Egypt for more than a decade and has an equally impressive CV, as she has trained Asser Yassin for “Torab Al-Mas” and Hend Sabry for “Blue Elephant 2”. The coach works extensively with method acting among other techniques to get out the best of each and every actor.

    Keep an eye on their upcoming workshops on their page here

    Luke Lehner Studios

    Luke Lehner Studios offer a wide range of classes within and beyond acting. Other than scriptwriting, creative writing and directing, they specialize in intensive acting workshops, for all levels, for both adults and teenagers as well as improv classes; all based on different schools of thought and different acting approaches. Luke Lehner has over 20 years of theatrical experience on his back. He also completed his Masters in Fine Arts in the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard University and Moscow Art Theatre School. In Cairo, he has been giving acting workshops and private coaching since 2014 and has established his own studio in Maadi ever since.

    For more information, check their Facebook page here.

    Pro Step Film School

    Pro Step Film School is one of the biggest private film schools in Egypt. Established in Agouza a decade ago in 2012, the school has been growing steadily to include more and more professions. In addition to acting, they also provide training for filmmaking, screenwriting, TV and radio presenting, and cinematography courses.

    You can find more about their courses on their Facebook page here.

    Dawar Arts

    Located in Downtown, Dawar Arts has a special approach towards acting that doesn’t focus on acting for acting’s sake. Instead, they focus on the usage of performance arts for psychotherapy, healing, self-expression and societal transformation. They provide therapeutic services for individuals and communities impacted by violence, adversity and collective trauma as well as workshops, seminars and professional training programs in psychodrama, applied theatre, psychotherapy and the performing arts. Their approach also shows in the various cultural events they hold, from film screenings and live music to poetry readings and art exhibitions. There’s definitely more to learn there about how one can internalize performance arts for personal betterment. They also provide consultancy services, internships and research opportunities for students, scholars and practitioners.

    So be on the lookout by visiting their page here.

    Muse Art House

    Muse is an art-house located in Dokki that works as much as a talent agency as it does as a workshop for acting. Co-founded by the brothers Mohamed Sabrii and Sameh Sabrii, the art-house has grown to establish a name for itself among the most professional acting mentorship places in Cairo. Mixing between old and modern techniques as well as various schools of thought, there’s certainly a lot to be learned there.

    Learn more about their workshops on their Facebook page here.