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Where to Learn Fashion Designing in Cairo

Cairo Design District Design Zone Italian Fashion Academy La Jolie Academy Manar Mamdouh Sewing Courses
Where to Learn Fashion Designing in Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

Fashion design is an art form consisting of many aspects. Whether practical, such as anticipating consumerism (which means keeping a close eye on cultural behaviour) or creative, like having a keen eye for colours. However, like any practical art, there’s way more to learn. So, where can you go to acquire this knowledge?

La Jolie Academy

Located in Sayeda Zayenb, La Jolie Academy offers courses to both adults and teenagers. The different courses incorporate nearly all steps, from the general basics of fashion design to more specific classes like pattern making and embroidery, and sewing and cutting.

Learn more about its courses on the Facebook page here.

Design Zone

Design Zone for Pattern Making and Fashion Design has it all in the name. Based in Downtown Cairo, it’s founded and led by Mr Yasser Moussa, the principal teacher who offers courses for beginners and promises to take the students step-by-step to professionalism.

You can find out more about the courses on the Facebook page here.

Cairo Design District

Cairo Design District is a well-established institute and academy, with three branches across Cairo: Heliopolis, Tahrir Square, and Sheikh Zayed. The courses on offer range from fashion design to interior design and graphic design. But for the sake of our list here, the institute’s fashion design courses branch into fashion styling, pattern making, and draping, as well as digital fashion design. The team also offers a fashion design diploma. Luckily, if you’re unsure which course to choose, there’s a free orientation session where you can ask about everything you need to know and get advice from instructors.

Learn more about the academy on its Facebook page here.

Manar Mamdouh Sewing Courses

As apparent from the name, Manar Mamdouh’s establishment is more specific than the others on the list. Located in Nasr City, she specialises in teaching sewing and cutting, everything that comes with using a sewing machine, and the different ways to approach various fabrics and styles.

You can learn more on her Facebook page here.

Italian Fashion Academy

The Italian Fashion Academy is one of the most professional places in the fashion scene in Cairo. Based in Dokki, it was founded and is managed by Stefania Gulina, an Italian fashion expert specialising in fashion education, and a graduate of the prestigious Italian University IULM. The Academy aims to provide a high level of knowledge yet target the need for innovation and research the design world is looking for, which is why the team uses continuously updated international techniques of design, pattern, and sewing to reach a higher level of competitiveness. The academy also offers a diploma at the end of the course.

Learn more about the courses through the Facebook page here.