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Winners Unveiled: Here are the 2024 Joy Awards Winners

arts & culture Joy Awards Saudi Arabia
Winners Unveiled: Here are the 2024 Joy Awards Winners
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via The National

In the tapestry of artistic brilliance in the Arab world, the Joy Awards stands as an unparalleled celebration of excellence. Set to be the most significant ceremony of its kind, this prestigious event, hosted by Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, will spotlight the remarkable achievements of luminaries across 15 distinguished categories. Spanning diverse genres and categories, the ceremony promises to be a monumental occasion, honouring the ingenuity and creative prowess defining the essence of the Arab artistic landscape.


Feature Film – Sattar

With nominations for Alhamour, Alkhallat, and Beit El Ruby, Sattar earned the festival’s feature film prize. The movie weaves a journey of self-discovery revolving around Saad, reflecting the narrative of a man at life’s crossroads. Directed by Abdullah Al-Arak and starring Shahd Algefari, Ibraheem Alkhairallah, and Badr Almalki, the film explores Saad’s journey from a faltering existence to an unexpected pursuit of his childhood passion—freestyle wrestling.


Actress in Film – Nelly Karim

Image via TheNational 

Nelly Karim won the Actresses in Film award for her role in her latest film, VOY! VOY! VOY! The actress is known for standing out in dramatic, tragic, and comedic roles, so earning the award in honour of her incredible role on the big screen was no surprise.


Actor in Film – Karim Abdelaziz

Image via Instagram 

The Actor in Film award went to Karim Abdelaziz, who starred in multiple diverse roles in 2023, and his recognisable role in Beit el Ruby earned the iconic star his place on stage during the Joy Awards, making him among the most impactful actors of the year.


Series – Crystal

Shahid’s Crystal earned the award for the Series category. The 90-episode-long show tells the tale of an imminent clash between a famed fashion designer and a gardener’s daughter, as vengeance becomes a fiery catalyst that threatens to engulf their lives. With the stellar performances of Mahmoud Nasr, Stephanie Atala, and Pamela El Kik, this tale unfolds as a gripping saga of familial conflict, igniting passions and burning through generations.


Actress in Series – Rahaf Mohammed

Image via Instagram 

Rising Kuwaiti actress Rahaf Mohammed has been taking the TV show scene by storm. The 21-year-old actress surpassed everyone’s expectations and received the award for her performance in Bi Rouhhom fil Beit among some of the region’s most renowned stars, including Huda Hussain, Pamel el Kik, and Caresse Bashar.


Actor in a Series – Saad Aziz

Image via Instagram

Awarded to Saad Aziz, a Riyadh native, the actor has swiftly carved his niche in the entertainment realm, leaving an indelible mark at a young age. His journey began with an early passion for acting, inspired by Western cinema. In 2016, amidst Saudi Arabia’s new media surge, Saad ventured into content creation, collaborating on YouTube and social platforms. These grassroots efforts garnered him a dedicated fan base and paved the way for formal acting coaching, propelling him into more significant projects. Saad’s trajectory is a testament to his incredible talent and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.


Rising Talent in a Series – Walid Qashran

Image via Instagram 

The award went to Walid Qashran, the renowned writer and TV presenter who also proved himself to be a star in the making for his role in Studio 23.


Favourite Song – Ya Leil W Yal Ein 

Image via Instagram 

Ya Leil W Yal Ein by Syrian singer Al Shami made it as the festival’s favourite song. The song now has over 93 million views on YouTube. Creating a unique blend of Eastern and Western music, Al Shami’s music has gathered a vast audience that anticipates his latest products. 


Female Musical Artist – Assala

Image via X 

The Female Musical Artist category was awarded to the MENA’s favourite musician and superstar, Assala Nasri. The Syrian-Bahraini singer began her musical career by performing patriotic, religious, and children’s songs when she was fourteen, propelling her to become one of the region’s most acknowledged artists. Assala’s latest song, Fooo’, has had more than 29 million views in 3 months. 


Male Musical Artist – Ayed

Image via Instagram 

The Male Musical Artist of the Year award went to Ayed, the 28-year-old Saudi singer who has over 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube. He appeared in the Top Chart, which measures the best Saudi Arabian musicians and bands.


Rising Talent in Music – Talal Sam

Image via Instagram 

Earned by Talal Sam, a 26-year-old Kuwaiti talent born in 1998, the musician embarked on his artistic journey at a tender age, initially in music and later in acting. His enchanting voice captured hearts at the young age of eleven, propelling him to fame. After graduating from Kuwait University, Talal dedicated himself to the arts, music, and musical storytelling.


Favourite Male Influencer – SHoNgxBoNg

Image via Instagram 

The award was granted to SHoNgxBoNg, who has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He embarked on his YouTube journey in 2012, officially entering the video scene in 2018. Initially with a modest following, his fame skyrocketed in 2020, reaching unprecedented popularity. He most notably hit the million-view milestone in 2018, and in 2019, he joined the POWR eSports team, cementing his status as a rising star in the digital realm.


Favourite Female Influencer – Bibi Alabdulmohsen

Image via

Bibi Alabdulmohsen earned the award for Favourite Female Influencer. With over 2.9 million followers, Bibi’s vast audience anticipated her appearance at the award show. 


Distinguished Athlete – Abdullah Alrabiah

Image via Instagram 

The Most Distinguished Athlete award was granted to the renowned bodybuilder and internet personality Abdullah Alrabiah


Favourite Athlete – Ons Jabeur

Image via Instagram 

Ons Jabeur was named the Joy Award’s favourite athlete this year. Jaber has made history by becoming the first Arab and African player to be promoted to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) 


Personality of the Year – Eva Longoria

Image Via Instagram 

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Bastón, acclaimed American actress and dynamic entrepreneur, stands tall as the Personality of the Year award recipient. From her breakthrough in Desperate Housewives to her impactful roles on and off-screen, Longoria’s remarkable journey continues to inspire and earn her well-deserved recognition as a standout personality.


Diamond Entertainment Makers Award – Elie Saab

Image Via MusicNation

Renowned Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has left an indelible mark on the haute couture world. Born in 1964, Saab’s eponymous brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance, earning him the Diamond Entertainment Maker title at the Joy Awards. His intricate designs, often adorned with elaborate embellishments, have graced red carpets and captivated the fashion elite, solidifying his status as a global icon.