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Your Guide to Cairo Design Week

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Your Guide to Cairo Design Week
written by
Malak Gharib
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Having begun on the 23rd of February, Cairo Design Week kicked off with a bang! Spanning across three districts, this event aims to delight art enthusiasts and bring a new visual artistic universe to life. From the Salah ad-Din Citadel to Heliopolis and Downtown Cairo, this immersive experience takes you on a well-rounded visual journey like no other, going on until Saturday, March 2nd.



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The vibrant Heliopolis district hosted an eclectic mix of standalone experiences, boasting names like GLC Paints, C. Reality Metropolis, and Villa Magenta. Amidst this diverse landscape, SYNC School hosted an enlightening lineup of speakers for their panel discussion. “Beyond the Sketch: Tech, Design & Wellness” featured insight from Manar El Garf, Head Fashion Designer of Sigma Fit, while “Mass Customization: The Complexity and Simplicity” offered wisdom from Shereef Abdelhady, CEO of Mohm and Co-founder of Aurea. Additionally, a panel discussion titled “From Sketch to Store Shelf: How Local Production Sparks Innovation” showcased Youssef El Araby, Head of Product Design Centre at Elaraby Group R&D, and was moderated by Ahmed Saeed, Technical Development Manager at San3a Tech.


Salah Ad-Din Citadel:

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Citadel Design District epitomises luxury and creativity, offering an unparalleled high-end fashion experience at Misr Italia’s “Garden 8” area at the site. With a curated selection of top designer brands like Emporio Armani and Azza Fahmy on display until the end of CDW, Garden 8 caters to trendsetters seeking a unique shopping adventure. Meanwhile, the Fashion Design District, curated by Mai Galal and Maison Pyramide, celebrates fashion design with an international, regional, and local designer showcase within the historic Citadel of Salah Ad-Din. This district highlights the evolution of fashion and champions sustainability initiatives, providing visitors with an immersive experience unlike any other.

The Creative Industry Summit, in collaboration with Cairo Design Week, made its way to the Citadel to explore the dynamic interplay between design and the creative economy. Also curated by Maison Pyramide and Mai Galal, the summit features global, regional, and local speakers discussing various aspects of art and design. From behind-the-scenes insight into the Cairo Design Award Jury Room to showcasing the works of Dekka Design Competition winners, this summit promises to engage and inspire attendees. With its fusion of luxury, creativity, and innovation, Citadel Design District continues to be a beacon for the fashion-forward and creatively inclined, offering an unforgettable experience for all who visit.


Downtown Cairo:

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Cairo Design Week Downtown District presents an array of immersive experiences, showcasing the intersection of design, culture, and innovation. Emaar Misr’s “Enabling Design” initiative infuses excellence into everyday life, fostering a thriving design community through diverse events. 

In the Downtown Design District, Cairo Designathon tackles urban and social challenges through design thinking, while DeForum hosts discussions on architecture, entrepreneurship, and heritage. Film My Design’s “Edible Aesthetics” programme, curated by Salma Serry and funded by USAID, explores the fusion of culinary art and design. These initiatives collectively celebrate design’s transformative power, nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and enriching the cultural landscape of Cairo.


With something for everyone, Cairo Design Week has you covered. Immerse yourself in various experiences distributed across three locations and indulge in an artsy adventure like no other. Make sure not to miss out on the experience, as you’ve only got a few days left!