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Your Ramadan 2024 TV Show Guide

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Your Ramadan 2024 TV Show Guide
written by
Rawya Lamei
Still from Masar Egbari

Ramadan 2024 is right around the corner, and as usual, we’re left spoiled for choice when it comes to TV series to watch. This year’s Ramadan schedule is star-studded, and genres range from comedy to history, drama, re-adaptations of fan favourites, and just about everything in between. Read on for all the details.




Gawdar (On E)

Starring Yasser Galal, Nour, and Yasmin Raeis, this fantasy series takes us along as Gawdar El Masri fights the forces of evil to obtain a valuable treasure. Also available on WATCH IT.


Kamel El Adad +1 (On E)

Starring Dina El Sherbiny, Sherif Salama, and Esaad Younes, the 2023 family favourite Kamel El Adad makes a comeback for its second season. Also available on Shahid.


Masar Egbari (On E, CBC, Al Hayat)

Starring Ahmed Dash, Essam Omar, and Sabrine, this series kicks off after Hassan and Hussein, two drastically different young men, discover that they are brothers after their father confides a grave secret to them. Also available on both WATCH IT and Shahid.


Maliha (On E, CBC, Al Hayat)

Starring Diab, Mervat Amin, and Sereen Khass, a Palestinian woman by the name of Maliha, living in Libya since the second Intifada, teams up with Egyptian border officer Adham to make her way back to Gaza. Also available on WATCH IT.


Ser Elahy (CBC)

Starring Rogina, Ahmed Magdy, and Mai Selim, Nasra sets out to take revenge upon her release from jail, after a series of betrayals led to her eight-year imprisonment. Also available on WATCH IT.


Farawla (DMC)

Starring Nelly Karim, Shaimaa Seif, and Sedky Sakhr, Karim makes her long-awaited comeback to comedy through Farawla, a young woman from a humble background who helps the company she works for achieve immense success. Also available on WATCH IT.


Baba Geh (DMC)

Starring Akram Hosny, Nesrine Amin, and Samaa Ibrahim, Baba Geh takes us along as Hesham, a hotel manager, is laid off after catching COVID-19. He finds himself at home and tries to find a solution to his dilemma. Also available on WATCH IT and Shahid.


Bedoon Sabeq Enzar (DMC)

Starring Asser Yassin, Aïcha Ben Ahmad, and Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Marwan and Laila’s marriage begins to fall apart after their son is diagnosed with Leukemia. Also available on WATCH IT.


‘Aatabat El Bahga (DMC)

Starring Yehia El Fakharany, Joumana Mourad, and Salah Abdallah, Bahgat, in his seventies, loses his son and daughter-in-law and finds himself as the only caretaker for his two grandkids. Also available on WATCH IT.


30-Episode Series:


Al Kabir Awi 8 (On E)

Starring Ahmed Mekky, Mohamed Sallam, and Rahma Ahmed, everyone’s favourite comedy series makes a comeback for its eighth season. Also available on WATCH IT.


Beit El Refai (On E)

Starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Rezk, and Sayed Ragab, Beit El Refai revolves around Mahmoud El Refai, a beloved Wiseman from Nazlet El Semman, who turns out to be involved in illegitimate trade in artefacts. Also available on WATCH IT.


Haqq ‘Arab (On E)

Starring Ahmed El Awady, Dina Fouad, and Riad El Khouly, the series kicks off as Abd Rabbo, a respected patriarch, discovers that one of his most trusted right-hand men is betraying him. Also available on WATCH IT.


Sed El ‘Aqareb (CBC)

Starring Ghada Abdel Razek and Riad El Khouly, the events of Sed El ‘Aqareb take place after Aida Darghan’s brother is murdered, causing a rift between the Darghan and El Ghoul families, who were once very close. Also available on WATCH IT and Shahid.


Sodfa (CBC & Al Hayat)

Starring Riham Haggag, Khaled El Sawy, and Essam El Sakka, a man by the name of Fouad Mahran is told that his married daughter is having an affair by a random woman named Sodfa. Taken aback, he begins to investigate who this Sodfa is and why she’s accusing his daughter of adultery. Also available on WATCH IT.


Mohareb (CBC)

Starring Hassan El Raddad, Ahmed Zaher, and Maged El Masry, a young man must quit his studies and finds his life turned upside down after his father’s passing.


El Hashashin (DMC)

Starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Fathy Abdel Wahab, and Nicolas Mouawad, this historical series takes us back to 11th Century Persia to explore the notorious El Hashashin order of Assassins and their leader, Hassan El Sabbah. Also available on WATCH IT.


Embratoryet Meem (DMC)

Starring Khaled El Nabawy, Hala Shiha, and Nour El Nabawy, this fresh and new adaptation of the iconic Ihsan Abdel Quddous tells the story of a widower who struggles between being with the woman he loves and taking care of his six children. Also available on WATCH IT and Shahid.


El Me’allem (Al Hayat)

Starring Mostafa Shaaban, Sahar El Sabbagh, and Hagar Ahmed, a man sets out to take his revenge on those who sabotaged the success of his father’s business. Not knowing who has betrayed him, he can trust no one. Also available on WATCH IT.