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Egypt’s First Art School of Its Kind to Teach Jewellery-Making Launches

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Egypt’s First Art School of Its Kind to Teach Jewellery-Making Launches
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: Sky News Arabia)


    Around 200 students were chosen to join Egypt’s first art school of its kind for jewellery-making, which comes into effect under a new educational campaign that encourages applied technology. The school was founded in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, and runs in partnership with jewellery manufacturer, Egypt Gold.

    According to Sky News Arabia, the students of the school’s first class were picked among around 2,000 applicants, who achieved excellent scores during their preparatory stages, after having undergone tests and exercises.

    The educational campaign relies on combining theoretical lectures with applied exercises. “Whether the discussions [about models and master pieces] occur during our visits to the factory, or in class, the students’ capability of understanding the process greatly shows in their active participation,” said one of the school’s teachers.

    The Ministry of Technical Education supervises the school’s learning programs, which include scientific lectures at factories and production units. These programs enable the students to join businesses in the relevant field upon their graduation.

    “It is our first time to experience going to the factories, applying what we study, as well as taking theoretical classes,” said a student. “My ambition is to continue with higher studies, or to be a highly-skilled employee at a factory, after graduating from school,” said another student.

    Graduate students of the school are given the opportunities to join engineering and applied arts faculties. This initiative will be supplying public and private sectors with efficient workers, who are well-equipped on both educational and artistic levels to leave a positive impact of creation.

    Find out more about the school by watching the video below: