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Adventures With Gedo: The Perfect Literary Odyssey for Children

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Adventures With Gedo: The Perfect Literary Odyssey for Children
written by
Rawya Lamei

Many of us are on the lookout for a good kids’ book, whether for our own child, a niece, or a nephew, especially one with inspiring educational content that will keep them hooked. Worry not, as we’ve found the book series for you, perfect for English-speaking Egyptian kids. Adventures with Gedo, written by Theodora Karydia and illustrated by Choirur Rozikin, make for a wonderful series of escapades across the MENA region with its witty protagonists, Lara and Kareem, along with their relatable Egyptian Gedo.


Make A Difference:

Set along the River Nile, Lara, Kareem, and their family set out to “make a difference” and help clean the river from all the plastic waste they can. When Gedo’s phone rings, the trio is taken back in time to ancient Egypt, where they get to see the Nile in its full glory, rid of any pollution and waste. Inspired by how the Ancient Egyptians made use of the Nile, for bathing and washing their garments without causing any damage to the river, the three get to appreciate the Nile and truly care for their planet.


A Day in Ancient Egypt:

As Gedo takes them on an educational journey through Ancient Egyptian treasures, from the Great Pyramids of Giza to the beautiful museums of Cairo, Lara and Kareem explore the inspiring culture passed down from our ancestors. Gedo’s phone ringing, as usual, takes the story on a different path as they are taken back in time to Ancient Egypt. This time, they find themselves immersed in the vibrant hustle and bustle of the marketplace, where they get to appreciate their ancestors’ ingenuity and understand their ways, from using barter instead of currency to wearing linen clothing to keep cool in the scorching heat.


A Journey Through the Desert:

A fresh and modern take on these historical stories, the trio sets out to Qatar for the football World Cup final. When they are transported into the Arabian desert while waiting for their plane to take off, Lara, Kareem, and Gedo find ways to make the most out of their desert escapade. From using frisbees to collect fresh dates from the palm trees to encountering a Bedouin community and riding camels, the trio truly gets the best of both worlds on this trip: both a sandy odyssey and a wonderful time at the stadium.