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Al-Balsam Publishing House Releases New Children’s Books

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Al-Balsam Publishing House Releases New Children’s Books
written by
Rawya Lamei
Image via Al-Balsam Bookstores

If you’ve never heard of Al-Balsam Bookstores, buckle up because you’re about to discover a gem in the world of children’s literature. This publishing house and bookstore is based in Dokki and is dedicated to providing Arabic-speaking kids with beautiful books to nurture their creativity and love for literature and art. This award-winning company has released some outstanding books over the past few months, and we’re excited to share these gems with you.


El Sultan El Medawar Wel Sultan El Morabaa’ – Hanadi Salit


Two merchants living in distant kingdoms, the Square Kingdom and the Round Kingdom, find a well after a devastating storm hits their lands. With each of them thinking that they were the first to discover this well, which Sultan will be the one to take over it?


La, Lan Yohager – Rania Hussein Amin & Sahar Abdel Rahman

This book invites us to overcome the fears that cloud our better judgement. Whether birds or humans, we all face situations that leave us in disarray. And yet, we find ways to overcome these fears, explore new worlds, and escape our comfort zones. La, Lan Yohager was written by Rania Hussein Amin, author and illustrator of the beloved series Farhana and illustrated by Sahar Abdel Rahman.


Roh El Qahera (The Soul of Cairo) – Mohamed Wahba

Roh El Qahera, or The Soul of Cairo, explores the magic of our home city. In an attempt to uncover its secrets, author and illustrator Mohamed Wahba presents his passion for the capital, its chaos, and its charm to his readers.


Clichéhat Athareya – Fatma Kesha & Mohamed Wahba

Author Fatma Keshk calls us to question the stereotypes we have of our ancestors. We seem to take for granted much of what we’re told about them, thinking these stories are true. Clichéhat Athareya dismantles the many misconceptions of our heritage, historical figures and events, one “cliché” at a time. Written by Fatma Keshk, this book was illustrated by Mohamed Wahba.


Award-Winning Books

Al-Balsam Bookstores has been a pioneer in the world of children’s literature for several years now. Their work shatters any stereotype we have of the genre, offering fun for all ages and providing kids with cherished books that will carry them through their early years. Some of their notable and award-winning works include Layali Shahrazizi by Hadil Ghoneim and Sahar Abdel Rahman and Demeshq: Qesset Madina by Alaa Mortada.