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A Guide to Different Coffee Drinks and Where to Find Them

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A Guide to Different Coffee Drinks and Where to Find Them
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A good cup of coffee can brighten your day and get you all focused for work. But what type of coffee to choose? If you are struggling with all the different coffees, let us guide you through that confusing coffeeshop menu and tell you where to find your ultimate favourite coffee drink!

1- Espresso

Italian in origin, the espresso is more than just a single or a double shot coffee drink! Actually, it’s the foundation of most coffee drinks. Espressos are short (about 30 ml) yet insanely strong and bitter. (Note: Doppio is the worldwide name for double shot espresso)

Best Place? Pretty much everywhere as it’s mostly machine-made.

2- Americano

American coffee is also known as an Americano (sometimes mistakenly called black coffee, which is actually incorrect because both are similar in taste but not the same). Americano is basically a large cup of coffee made of an espresso shot diluted in boiling water. However, black coffee is made with steeped coffee grounds, not espresso shots.

Best Place: Second Cup is definitely unique when it comes to American coffee. (Pro tip: Add some hazelnut flavour!)

3- Latte

Time to add some milk to your coffee! So, lattes are all about adding steamed milk to an espresso shot. They are mild and tall coffee drinks, but they are insanely popular worldwide.

Best Place: If we mention lattes, we have to say Starbucks’ one-of-a-kind Pumpkin Spice Latte, served only around Halloween time. However, for a unique bottled Spanish Latte, you have to go to TBS or Espresso Lab!

4- Cappuccino

Much like lattes, they are prepared with foamed milk instead of steamed milk. Best thing about a cappuccino is that you can add flavours and maybe even some chocolate sprinkles! What’s the harm?

Best Place: Many coffee shops serve a mean cup of cappuccino, but we have a soft spot for that one from Fifth Street Coffee.

5- Flat White

It is basically a fancier cappuccino with a bitter, stronger taste. Flavours are not recommended for this cup of coffee.

Best Place: Costa Coffee serves the richest flat white in town, and remember, no flavours!

6- Cortado

This type has the ideal balance between espresso and milk. It is served in small cups and tastes mild as the milk really tones down the espresso’s acidity.

Best Place: It goes by the name Corto on Costa’s menu, but it’s definitely worth a try.

7- Mocha

To all chocolate and coffee lovers out there, whether you like dark or white chocolate, mocha is what you need! The perfect mixture of espresso, milk and, of course, chocolate. You can even add whip cream and mix it all up to treat yourself!

Best Place: Espresso Lab has this addictive White Mocha that will keep you on your feet.

8- Frappuccino

Frapps are tricky and have several toppings and syrups, yet they are the sweetest. Watch out because this blended iced coffee drink can occasionally give you a brain freeze!

Best Place: Frappuccinos were made famous by Starbucks, and frankly, it is still pretty much their thing! But we think you should definitely try out Cilantro’s decadent frappuccino as well.

9- Cold Brew

This is the trendiest iced coffee drink worldwide. However, it’s not really taken off in Egypt yet. Cold Brew is all about steeping coffee from 6 to 36 hours, depending on how strong you like your coffee. Afterwards, milk or cream is added, and voila, you have your Cold Brew!

Best Place: Starbucks made it again with its chilly cold brew that will have you greeting the day properly.