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Are You a Fan of Choux Pastry? 5 Places That Hit The Sweet Spot In Cairo

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Are You a Fan of Choux Pastry? 5 Places That Hit The Sweet Spot In Cairo
    written by
    Nelly Ezz
    Via Seriouseats

    Many Egyptians have intense sugar cravings and a sweet tooth. Some people rejoice in their love of all things sweet and sugary, some try to resist them, and others view them as rewards. But, what do all those people have in common? Their search for the perfect delicious sweet bite that is worth their whirlwind of emotions; either happiness, guilt, or reward. Made from a light, delicate airy dough, choux pastry comes in a range of classic and innovative flavours, filled with jams, creams, fruit purees, and caramels. Each bite satisfies your sweet-tooth cravings without being overwhelmingly sugary or sickly, making them perfect for everyone’s taste. So if you’re feeling like having some choux pastry, check out those dessert shops and don’t think twice:


    The talk of the town is Arkan Plaza’s newly opened eclair bar. This aesthetically cosy hot spot is the home of wonderfully-made eclairs and choux balls that are both pretty and delicious. Their selection is straightforward and creative; you can find traditional flavours like vanilla and chocolate and new ones like Lemon Basil and Rose. 


    Even though choux pastry is widely known to be French, the Japanese have their own version of it, and it’s just as good. Keki, the Japanese Bakery at Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria40, also has an exciting selection of choux that look rather appealing. With classic and authentic flavours like Biscoff and Matcha on the menu, Keki is definitely a must-visit if you’re a fan of this airy dessert. 


    This spot has made quite the scene in the Heliopolis area recently. This Korba-based high-end dessert shop can make all your pastry dreams come true, from tiramisu and peanut eclairs to puff pastry and choux. You can opt for home delivery, or stop by to try their selection of contemporary and artisanal items. 

    Little Choux

    Freshly-made choux made specially by the order is pure perfection, right? Little Choux is a delivery-based service where you can dive into the world of cream puffs and not feel guilty. Their products do not contain artificial flavours and look amazingly airy. You can order by sending a DM on their Instagram account – but make sure to state your location first to know the exact dates of delivery! 


    Eclairs and more are available at Voila’s branches all over the capital. Even though Voila wowed customers with mesmerising Ramadan products and creative seasonal items, they didn’t stop there. Their new eclairs are to die for; you can find flavours like chocolate, lotus, tropical, Rocher, and raspberry for 30LE each – what a bargain