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Best Cafés in Cairo: A Look Back at 2010

Best Cafés in Cairo: A Look Back at 2010
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Now that 2010 is almost over, we here at Cairo 360 have decided to bring
    you our selection of the best cafés that we’ve reviewed this year. Whether you like our nominations or disagree with our choices, let us know by commenting, tweeting or Facebook liking this article; your feedback always matters!

    Best-Tasting Coffee: La Wien

    This café in Heliopolis offers a truly gourmet coffee experience, selling countless blends of coffee beans and strong, tasty coffees, making this
    a haven for the coffee connoisseurs among us. Head there to grab a cup of
    coffee in the stylish place or a kilo of grade-A beans for your coffee machine
    at home. Best Thing? Their coffee
    beans hail from Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil among others and are ground to your
    choice of your consistency. How Much?
    A pack of ground beans range around 45LE, which is quite decent compared to the
    larger coffee chains in Cairo. Honourable Mentions: Café
    , Sugar N’Spice, Segafredo

    Best Bakery & Pastry Shop: TBS

    Hands-down the freshest and tastiest pastries around, The Bakery Shop
    has upped the standard for baked goods in Egypt. If your mouth waters at the thought of fresh, buttery croissants or you miss the taste of real wholegrain bread; try TBS. Best Thing? Their multigrain breads are
    healthy, tasty and last for days. Their cheese and zaatar croissants are
    delectable, and their jam and white chocolate doughnuts are sinfully delicious.
    How Much? Prices are definitely
    steep for a bakery; loaves of bread cost up to 22LE, croissants up to 7LE and
    doughnuts up to 7LE. Honourable Mentions:
    Munch & Bagels, Nola, Crumbs, Postres, Sugar N’ Spice

    Most Creative Shisha: Fratelli

    If you don’t mind spending a whopping 18LE on a flavoured shisha, then
    head to Fratelli, where you find rare varieties of tobacco (such as guava and vanilla)
    and thick, creamy milkshakes in this cosy Mohandiseen café. Best Thing? If you’re feeling
    adventurous, they tailor-blend tobacco flavours for you. Try the
    banana/vanilla mix!  How Much? 18LE for
    a shisha, 4LE for a plastic lay. Honourable Mentions:
    Fiji’s Chiclets shisha, Pottery Café’s coconut shisha, Sequoia’s cappuccino shisha,
    Almaz’s grape fakher shisha

    Best Cheap Shisha: Borsa Café

    Located in the bustling Downtown area of Al Borsa (Stock Exchange),
    Borsa Café offers quality shisha at a very reasonable price, in addition to
    valuable perks such as A/C, freshly squeezed juices and wireless internet. Best Thing? Try the ahwa’s smooth mixes of watermelon-mint, Al
    Fakher lemon-mint and anything mixed with fig shisha. How Much? A shisha here costs around 8LE, while tea and coffees sell for
    almost 6LE. Honourable Mentions: Beit
    Zeinab El Khatoun
    , Ahwa Bustan

    Best Date Café: Caracas

    Scrumptious Lebanese cuisine and brilliant shisha; Caracas has it all.
    Other than the lack of parking, this café is the perfect spot for a quiet,
    romantic date. An added bonus is the shisha-friendly outdoor area, where you
    can enjoy each other’s company minus the noise of Cairo traffic. Best Thing? Try the grilled halloumi,
    the ice cream bomb and the guava shisha. How
    The minimum charge is 60LE on weekdays, 75LE on weekends. Honourable Mentions: La Gourmandise, Raspberry

    Best Student-Friendly Café: L’Aroma

    With free Wi-Fi, a quiet atmosphere and coffee with a powerful kick, L’Aroma
    in Zamalek is the most ideal spot to finish up your papers or cram for finals.
    While there are several branches of L’Aroma in Cairo, we can’t promise that any
    of them will be as quiet as the Zamalek one. With a variety of caffeinated
    beverages and sweets to get you rushing on a sugar-high, you won’t be leaving
    this café till all your work is done. Best Thing? Free Wi-Fi and quality coffee
    is a rare combination.   How Much?
    Coffee costs around 12LE, sandwiches start at 19LE and a carrot cake costs
    12LE. Honourable Mentions: Kunst Café, Arabica, Café Tabasco

    Best Ice Cream Place: Mandarine Koueidar

    Syrian chain Mandarine
    Koueider has provided generations of Cairenes with the tastiest ice cream
    flavours, as well as delectable oriental sweets and cakes.  Best
    It takes impressive willpower to resist eating their entire stock of
    berry yoghurt ice cream or their eshta ice cream. How Much? 4.50LE
    for an ice cream scoop, while an ice cream cake can cost up to 120LE. Honourable Mentions: Carvel’s peanut
    butter chocolate chip, Haagen Dasz’ raspberry sorbet, Rigoletto’s vanilla
    copper pot

    Best Local Coffee Chain: Beano’s

    International coffee chains are a dime a dozen in Cairo, so it’s nice to know that a local chain like Beano’s delivers consistently good coffe. With chains all over Cairo, Beano’s drinks are impressive, and their triple layer cheesecake and delicious paninis are definitely
    top contenders. Best Thing? Their
    Zamalek branch is usually a quiet spot to study or work in, and their iced
    coffees are the real deal. How Much?
    Coffees cost around 8.50LE, frappés cost 21LE and sandwiches start at 18LE. Honourable Mentions:
    Cilantro, Harris Café

    Best Hangout Café: Mosaic

    This café in Dokki is a perfect spot for watching a football
    match with friends, thanks due to the half-dozen flat-screen televisions
    positioned all over the venue. With both outdoor and indoor seating options,
    Mosaic has a fun atmosphere with quality service. Best Thing? Tasty mezzas, delicious drinks and smooth shisha.  How Much? Cold drinks and appetisers average
    at 12LE, and shisha starts at under 10LE. Honourable Mentions: Café De Paris, La Pietra, El Shader, Eros