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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Cafés Award Winners

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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Cafés Award Winners
written by
Malak Gharib

As cafés make up an integral part of the city experience, we made it our mission to hunt for the best across the capital for our next Editor’s Choice Awards category. Whether for a study day out, a casual date night, or a slow morning on the weekend, these ECA winners will never disappoint. 



Offering traditional food with modern-day twists, Oldish is as warm as your teta’s home on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere paired with delicious homey meals at Oldish!


Al Fishawy

If you want to savour Egyptian heritage, Khan El Khalili’s Al Fishawy is the ultimate authentically Egyptian destination, pulsating with energy. Blending a modern-day night-out ambience with Cairene heritage and history, Al Fishawy offers an experience unlike any other place.


9 Lounge

With the Great Pyramids of Giza in the background, 9 Lounge presents Egyptian and international delicacies with a majestic view that cannot be replicated. Step up your Instagram game by spending a morning with friends and family at 9 Lounge.



Offering an ideal atmosphere for casual gatherings while serving fine-dining-quality food, Boulevard brings the best of both worlds. Indulge in rich meals that satisfy your cravings and bring out your inner social butterfly.


Tree Trunk

Bringing the atmosphere of Dahab all the way to Cairo, Korba’s Tree Trunk’s ambience is wonderful. Take picturesque shots, and enjoy mouthwatering meals with your loved ones. 



Inspired by the 1900s, El Korba’s iconic Charlie’s is a go-to for delicious food and a tranquil atmosphere. The quiet location and low lighting make it a destination for more peaceful nights out to unwind and rejuvenate.


Creatively combining Italian and Japanese cuisine, Nî is the perfect spot for friend groups that cannot make up their minds. Take part in a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure in a place that brings cuisines and loved ones together.


Eish W Malh

A visit to Downtown Cairo is never complete without passing by Eish W Malh. Whether you’re having a slow weekend morning or a hectic day of Wust El Balad errands, Eish W Malh will always have a delight waiting for you.


Two Spoons

An amazing spot for brunch, Two Spoons is curated for those who love to share. With a warm and homey atmosphere, indulge in delights made to be shared while sipping warm coffee to elevate your day. 



A secluded and relaxed garden eatery hidden within the crazy streets of Cairo, Ampersand is designed for the comfort of urban dwellers. Unwind at this hidden gem where you can indulge in heartwarming meals in a rejuvenating setting. 



With flower motifs on their cakes and fluffy croissants, Bascota brings a setting as cute as its name. You can enjoy their sweet and savoury delights with coffee, and don’t forget to grab a sunflower on your way out!



Bringing you everything sweet, Suss specialises in sweet delicacies that warm the heart. Between authentic treats from around the globe and creative in-house baked innovations, Süss is a sweet experience like no other.


Cake Café

With various locations and a range of themes, each Cake Café branch has a story waiting to be told. Between Capital Business Park’s picturesque vintage theme and Palm Hills’ sunny branch overlooking greenery, Cake Café has something for everyone.



Enjoy a vintage French theme with a cup of coffee at Greco that is truly iconic. This stand-out location is another addition to our ECAs, especially for those among us who adore the 80s epoch. 


Coffee Berry

A haven for coffee lovers, Coffee Berry is a go-to for those who seek a cup of coffee brewed to perfection. Between freddo and filtered, Coffee Berry has got it all!



With a homey branch in the heart of Maadi and another cheeky location in District 5 (the slide instead of a ladder is truly iconic), Lokali offers an experience not to be missed. Their immaculate atmosphere has made them an iconic hang-out spot, and their delectable food is what made them a cult favourite in Cairene dining.



Located in Maadi’s The Courtyard, Terrace is known for its exceptional food and stand-out ambience.


Charl Restaurant

With wood-themed décor and an outdoor garden perfect for slow mornings, Charl Restaurant is a must-visit if you’re looking to enjoy a chill morning during the weekend or gather with a few friends to recall old memories. Located in Palm Hills, Charl is an ECA winner not to be missed.


Il Pennello Ceramic Café & Restaurant

Make art while munching on Italian favourites at this iconic café. Unleash your inner artist as Il Pennello Ceramic Café offers a range of artisan pieces that you can paint, or pick a mug from their collection on which to let out your creativity! This one-of-a-kind experience is truly award-worthy and nostalgic!



With a tranquil aesthetic and divine delicacies, Willow’s is the ultimate go-to for gatherings. In the heart of Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan, indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience as you recall memorable moments with your friends and munch on their delicious menu items. Between homemade pasta, pizza, appetisers, or a light dessert from their display, Willow’s has something for everyone. 




With its vibrant purple theme, Breadfast café is the ideal place to kick start your day. Get your much-needed dose of caffeine along with one of their freshly baked goodies, perfect for giving your day a sweet start. 



With its innovative menu and exceptional culinary artistry, Bocca offers a unique dining experience with contemporary flavours and traditional techniques. The restaurant’s chic ambience and impeccable service have also earned it accolades for creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere for diners.


El Qahwa Khan

El Qahwa Khan, with its distinctive copper décor pieces and old Arabian souq vibes, has a place on this list for its authentic Middle Eastern ambience and the immersive cultural experience it offers. The café’s dedication to preserving and showcasing traditional elements has made it a standout destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Arabian heritage.



Qahwa, with its outstanding breakfast sandwiches and fresh, vibrant salads, is the perfect setting for morning and midday meals. The café’s commitment to quality ingredients and flavourful dishes has cemented its reputation as a go-to spot for health-conscious and discerning diners.


Coco Restaurant & Café

Coco Restaurant & Café has earned this accolade for being an ideal venue for gatherings, offering delicious food and an excellent shisha experience. The inviting atmosphere and versatile menu have made it a fan-favourite spot for both social and relaxed dining occasions.


LE Grillon Restaurant & Garden Café

LE Grillon Restaurant & Garden Café has rightfully earned an ECA for the incredible fine dining experience it offers in Downtown Cairo, complete with a touch of greenery that enhances its charming ambience. The restaurant’s elegant setting and superb cuisine make it a perfect choice for casual date nights.


Carmel California

Located in Maadi’s iconic Road 18, Carmel California radiates vibrant energy, the perfect pairing to the mouthwatering food. Bask in the sun and grab delicious brunch with your loved ones at a location that feels like it’s straight from your Pinterest feed. 



Indulge in exceptional coffee at one of Sip’s branches, either the Downtown Cairo Cinema Radio branch or the Zamalek branch. All the way from Lebanon, Sip presents premium speciality coffee packed with the right dose of caffeine to get you started on a long week. 


Flori Café & Restaurant

Known for their lovely décor, elevate your Instagram feed at Sheikh Zayed’s Flori Café & Restaurant. Once you set foot into the location, you will be met by the pink and white floral aesthetic of the place, radiating delightful energy from every corner. In addition to the picturesque aesthetic, Flori presents a range of platters to choose from, each cooked to perfection. 


Daily Dose

Between the bustling streets of Cairo or the Red Sea shores in El Gouna, Daily Dose has you covered. With delicious bagels paired with the perfect coffee, Daily Dose has your back with delights that elevate your vacation. This ECA-worthy coffee is truly a must-try. 


The Bagel Tree

Located in El Gouna’s New Marina, The Bagel Tree is a go-to for those seeking baked goodies by the beach. Their ovenkissed delights are the perfect elevation to your next vacation.