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Chocoshawerma: Cairo’s Newest Dessert Trend

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Chocoshawerma: Cairo’s Newest Dessert Trend
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    Cairo 360

    Every other day we come across new and appetizing way to ruin the summer bodies of all Cairenes. Today we talk about the trending chocoshawerma: the chocolate fiesta that will make leave you drooling. 

    For chocolate lovers, this is going to be a must-try. The idea is to combine molten chocolate with warm shredded chocolate slices that are mixed in all sorts of ingenious ways, thereby recreating your favourite savoury dishes in the sweetest of ways. Rest assured, the chocoshawerma includes no savoury ingredients of any sort. They’re all about chocolate, and perhaps fruits, nuts, and some other complimentary elements. 

    One of the restaurants to launch this trend was the fittingly-named, Chocolate Shawerma. Located in City Stars Mall, Chocolate Shawerma is home to a host of savoury dishes turned sweet. You can take your pick from a Burger, Waffle, Sushi, or Fattah, and have it made with a selection of fruits, ice cream, and a whole lot of chocolate. 

    The other venue serving chocoshawerma up is one of the most famous dessert shops in Cairo: Konbla. Located in the 10th of Ramadan City, the restaurant is famous for a variety of delicious desserts, like the one it’s named after which consists of Basbousa, Ice Cream, Fruits, and… well, let’s just leave it at this. Hossam El-Ghanainy, the owner, mentions that he promoted this new dish using a stand outside his shop. You can take a look at his process in the video below. 

    So, when are you going to go try this new dish? Do you think it’s worth the try? Stay tuned for our review.