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Coffee Places That Need To Be Hyped

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Coffee Places That Need To Be Hyped
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Enjoying a hot cup of coffee during the winter is one of the highlights that comes with the cold weather. It is the epitome of romanticising winter: sitting alone or with someone in a coffee shop and sipping away to get your day started. Unfortunately, it’s become a headache to beeline towards the popular coffee spots in Cairo that are overly hyped, and their coffee isn’t as enjoyable anymore. This winter, whether you enjoy your coffee hot or cold, we have a special coffee spot for you.

    Brown Nose Coffee 

    Not only do they pass the aesthetic vibe check, but they also have an array of delicious coffee selections that you’ll be lingering on before ordering. Primarily popular for their iced coffee drinks, especially their Spanish and pistachio lattes, Brown Nose Coffee offers all the coffee staples for those who just like a good cup. You should definitely give them a try, whether you want that boost of caffeine or just craving something new to keep you awake. You can also head to their website, where you’ll find step by step manuals to making whatever kind of coffee you like using in whatever machine you have.

    30 North 

    While it’s one of Zamalek’s residents’ favourite breakfast places, 30 North is best known for its coffee selection. 30 North is perfect to satiate your coffee cravings with hearty hot drinks. Their selection is huge, and they ask you how strong you like your drink and customise it based on your preference. You have the option of choosing the coffee bean yourself, or you can leave it to your barista who knows best! Either way, make sure you give them a try.

    Coffee Berry

    Delicious coffee and a wide range to select from: a coffee enthusiast’s dream. Aside from their decadent roasts that translate into satisfying pick-me-ups, Coffee Berry introduced their new coffee capsule line. You get a free capsule with every EGP 100 order, and when you’re done using it, you can head back to the store and trade it for a 10 per cent discount on your next capsule purchase. They also have exciting new drinks and desserts for winter, such as their Orange Honey Cake and Sweet Potato Mousse.

    Breadfast Coffee 

    Breadfast is originally an app that helps you shop for household essentials and groceries; however, they’ve recently opened their own coffee shop, because, why not? Mostly known for their cold brew and Spanish latte, Breadfast Coffee is ready to serve you a great cuppa, whether you want to grab it at their store or order it off of their app. You can also bu an entire carton of their ready-made coffee to satisfy your roaring coffee cravings.