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Coffee With a View: Cafes by The Nile

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Coffee With a View: Cafes by The Nile
written by
Nada Medhat

Legend has it that there isn’t a better vibe than sitting by the Nile with a hot cup of coffee and the lovely company of family or friends (or even a book!). However, such a charming atmosphere and view can be ruined if the cafe isn’t trying its best to deliver. If the coffee isn’t great, the service slow, or even if the design of the place isn’t easy on the eyes, the ambience will be ruined. And since we’re always here to guide you around this lovely city, here are our picks of the best cafes on the Nile that will accentuate the perfect Nile view.

Halawa w Zaatar

One of the best places to have breakfast in the city, Halawa and Zaatar is a beautiful open-air cafe that is immediately inviting! With a full view of the Nile through its large glass windows, it’s mesmerising to look at during the sunny morning or even late at night as the street lights shimmer over the river. There’s a large variety of coffee, iced and hot, ranging from classical Arabic and Turkish coffee to all American-based types. There are usually great breakfast offers as well, whether typical Egyptian falafel, feteer meshaltet, or pancakes!

Sombrero cafe & Restaurant

There isn’t anything lovelier than taking a long walk in the quiet greenery of Maadi and then sitting down for a good cup of coffee. Sombrero Cafe offers just that. Sombrero Cafe offers a full menu, so whether you want to have breakfast by the Nile to fuel you for the rest of the day or just a cup of tea or coffee (or their remarkably delightful lemon-mint juice during these hot days!), it’s all there for you.

Latino Cafe and Restaurant 

If you’re in Dokki, Latino is a great choice. Amongst the lively (and lovely) tumult of the district, Latino offers a retreat with the breezy flow of the River Nile. Elegant but with a casual feel, the cafe works for any mood on any day of the week. Again. Offering a full menu (especially the beef-based plates), you can grab a bite with your drink and have a moment of peace. 


The last place on our (non-exhaustive) list can only be taken with a Zamalek café. You can’t speak of the River Nile in Cairo without going over the beautiful island. Biota deserves our attention, and not just due to its location. Sleek, refined, and elegant with wall-length glass windows that give you a full view of the Nile, Biota’s atmosphere is unmatched. Particularly known for its innovative dishes, Biota is also great for a refreshing drink or a strong cup of coffee.