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Eid 2015: Where to Buy Kahk & Other Eid Treats in Cairo

Eid 2015: Where to Buy Kahk & Other Eid Treats in Cairo
written by
Cairo 360

With Eid all but here, Cairo’s obsessive gaze will turn away from konafa, basbousa and the other traditional Ramadan turns, to that simple little thing called kahk.

The biscuit-cake hybrid doesn’t leave as much room for bakeries in Cairo to be as creative and experimental as is the case with the konafas and basbousas of the world, but that doesn’t mean Cairo’s confectioners aren’t going all out – here’s where to get your kahk from this Eid

El Abd

With an unprecedented crowd vigorously awaiting its kahk at this time every year, making scrumptious kahk is surely one of El Abd’s specialties. Whether it’s plain sugar-coated Kahk or the ones infused with nuts, El Abd is a leader in kahk-making. The shop is also known for its refreshing ice cream and for offering a wide range of oriental desserts.

Abdel Rahim Koueider

Abdel Rahim Koueider is known for being the go-to shop if your sweet tooth is craving oriental desserts. During this Eid, Abdel Rahim Koueider offers a wide range of kahk fillings including plain butter kahk, pistachio kahk, walnuts kahk as well as kahk infused with Turkish delight.


Another go-to shop if you would like to try out a delicious selection of oriental desserts, Tseppas has a selection of tasty as well as affordable kahk, petit four and ghorayeba for you to try out this Eid.


Widely popular for fashioning oriental deserts with creative western twists, whether with their konafa infused with Nutella or their best-selling Panna Cotta this Ramadan, Tortina are leaders in making the best creative desserts out there.

Treat yourself with their selection of creative specialties this Eid including their Nutella kahk, red velvet kahk, their mouth-watering pistachio ghorayeba and their petit four collection.

La Poire

When it comes to perfecting desserts, La Poire knows what they’re doing. La Poire is one of Egypt’s leading pastry shops known for producing desserts inspired by French pastry and combining it with our own oriental baking. This year, La Poire offers a delectable assortment of their kahk best-sellers, including walnut kahk, Turkish delight kahk, pistachio kahk and many more. 

Salé Sucré

Another leading pastry shop offering a wide variety of goodies from trifles, fruit cakes, cheese cakes, and many others, Salé Sucré celebrates Eid this year with a wide selection of kahk, cookies and petit four wrapped in fancy boxes to complement the festive mood. 

Bisco Masr

A leader in the field of kahk-making, Bisco Masr takes pride in producing 100% Egyptian cookies and for being one of the local brands best established for making quality and affordable kahk, as well as a appetizing selection of other types of cookies including ghorayeba and cinnamon cookies.   


Best known for their crowd-pleasing delicious dirt cakes, Dukes is exciting its fans this Eid by bringing colours to their kahk. Dukes Kahk and biscuits are now available upon order with different colours and flavours, promising a tasty treat. 


Widely popular for its insanely tasty chocolate mousse croquant cake and for a costly yet delectable medley of desserts, Lamadine offers you this Eid a selection of kahk goodies that we can hardly wait to try out.  

Le Carnval

Whether with their tiny Maltesers cream konafa or with their delightful Mont Blanc Konafa which was a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, Le Carnaval never disappoints. This Eid, Le Carnaval offers a delicious selection of kahk and petit four wrapped in fancy rectangular boxes promising to satisfy all your senses.

Happy Eid!