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Elevate Your Coffee Experience With The Waterway Developments

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Elevate Your Coffee Experience With The Waterway Developments
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

Coffee first, people second. Looking for a decent cup of coffee is a mission in life for some of us, and Waterway Developments is helping you accomplish it. The Drive, Waterway, and 5A all have amazing cafes that brew drinks like no other. If you’ve ever said, “but first let me have my coffee”, before any social interaction, then you’ll love these specialty coffee shops. 

Brown Nose 

A product of passion, Brown Nose came to be when four coffee addicts gave up the search for that perfect cup of joe and decided to create their own. With its minimalistic design and clean lines at its location in 5A by The Waterway, you’ll be able to sip away in peace and focus on your delicious cup of coffee. Give their new Croffles, a simple yet genius dessert made by putting a croissant into a waffle iron, a try next time you pop in! 

CAF Café

Sharing a cup of coffee with friends used to be something special. It meant being surrounded by good company, having meaningful conversations and, most importantly, savouring a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Unfortunately, in the age of smartphones, we’ve lost that connection to others, but CAF in 5A by The Waterway aims to bring it back. Drinking coffee is one of the simplest yet most common experiences, and it can be used to spark conversation. So, next time you sit down for one of their speciality drinks, try to form a genuine connection with those around you.     

Seven Fortunes 

Founded in Dubai, Seven Fortunes made its way to Egypt with the mission to provide people with premium quality Arabica coffee. Their location in The Drive by The Waterway is one of the freshest coffee providers in Egypt. So whether you want a morning pick me up or a sweet treat in the afternoon, their drinks are some of the best in the business. 

Butler’s Cafe 

Inspired by cultures from around the world,  Butler’s Cafe has carefully crafted a diverse and flavorful menu. Their wide selection of drinks is just as impressive as the fresh baked goods that accompany them. What better way to start your day than with one of their flaky croissants and your favourite drink? Pick them up at the drive-thru in The Drive. 


Coffee and wood-fired pizza? It’s not your usual mix, but it definitely works. Venti just opened in Waterway, and they specialise in fresh brews and tasty pizza straight out of the oven. Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast anyway?