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Every Dessert Shop in Cairo: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Ka7k This Eid

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Every Dessert Shop in Cairo: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Ka7k This Eid
written by
Dina Mokhtar

It’s only a matter of days before Ramadan comes to an end, and so does the yearly craze of trendy Ramadan desserts, which finally sees a total eclipse by the oh-so-heavy yet delicious ka7k. Wondering where to go to get your hands on Eid’s classic treat and for how much? Check this ultimate guide:


Dukes has various options for all ka7k lovers out there; offering a range of assorted ka7k boxes that weigh 1, 2 and 3 kilos at the prices of 170LE, 310LE, and 495LE, in addition to wooden gift boxes that are for 1250 and 1450LE.

On the other hand, a kilo of plain ka7k costs 135LE, malban, or date are for 162LE each, while agameya is at the price of 185LE and walnut for 224LE. Dukes also offers an array of ghourayeba (133LE), petit fours (140LE) and biscuits (104LE).


This Eid, Coppermelt has come up with an on-point range of ka7k, offering plain ka7k at 140LE/kilo, malban for 150LE/kilo, agameya for 165LE/kilo, while walnut comes at the hefty price of 250LE/kilo. Coppermelt also offers classic Eid biscuits for 130LE/kilo, like the plain and orange-flavoured.

Salé Sucré:

This pastry shop offers one-kilo box of each flavour at the price of 150LE for plain and agameya, 140LE for date, or malban, while walnut with agameya ka7k is for 180LE and walnut for 210LE. In addition, there’s a range of assorted ka7k box at the price of 160LE, for those who want to have it all.

Salé Sucré also offers a 700-gram box of pistachio ghourayeba (150LE), plain biscuits (110/kilo), in addition to a range of petit fours (150LE). Gift boxes that comprise all of the above come in two sizes; a 1.6-kilo box for 260LE and another that weighs almost 3.2 kilo for 480LE.

La Poire:

As usual, La Poire happens to have the widest range of Eid treats, offering a kilo of each of plain and date ka7k for 195LE, agameya for 215LE, walnut with malban for 225LE, while pistachio and walnut ka7k are for 340LE and 300LE, respectively.

Petit fours are for 200LE/kilo, plain and chocolate biscuits are each for 230LE/kilo, while tea biscuits, whether plain or chocolate, come at the price of 100LE/Kilo.


Good ol’ days ka7k comes in boxes; plain ka7k for 95LE, walnut for 145LE, while agameya, malban and date are of the same price, which is 100LE. Biscomisr offers a range of biscuits that come in different flavours like oats and orange (80LE-each), in addition to the classic ones that come at the same price.

Let’s not forget about the assorted gift boxes (210LE and 280LE), and the petit fours that are for 100LE and 110LE, according to the flavour.

Thomas Patisserie:

In addition to the classic range that includes, plain ka7k (110LE), malban and date (105LE-each), walnut (200LE) and pistachio (210LE), Thomas Patisserie boasts a wide spectrum of biscuits flavours in addition to the plain (100LE), like coconut, chocolate, cinnamon, orange, which all come at the price of 125LE. The place also offers plain and pistachio ghourayeba at the prices of 145LE and 190LE, respectively, as well as vanilla and chocolate petit fours (140LE).


The cupcake brand gets into the ka7k game with the classic range of plain, walnut, agameya, malban, and date, assorted in a one-kilo box at the price of 145LE and 280LE for the 2-kilo box. Alternatively, Nola has ka7k boxes that also include other items (chocolate, vanilla petit fours, and plain biscuits), which range between 350LE and 600LE. Other than that, you can buy a one-kilo box of plain ka7k for 130LE.

Les Dames:

While plain, date, or malban ka7k are the same price (110LE), the agameya ka7k is for 125LE and assorted nuts ka7k is for 170LE. Ghourayeba is for 150LE, while petit fours are up for 130LE. Les Dames also has a range of biscuit flavours; orange and cinnamon are for 100LE each, in addition to plain at (70LE).


One of the all-time favourites, Sedra’s range of plain, malban, or date ka7k come at the same price of 115LE, while walnut, or walnut with agameya is for 175LE, while pistachio ka7k is for 185LE. Plain and pistachio ghourayeba are for 120LE and 140LE, respectively. As for the biscuits, the plain and orange-flavoured ones are also of the same price, which is 95LE.

Mandarine Koueidar:

The renowned pastry shop’s range of plain, malban and date are the same price, which is 110LE, while walnut and pistachio are for 185LE and 240LE, respectively. Petit fours range between 130LE and 150LE, plain petit fours are for 120LE, while plain biscuits are at the price of 100LE.


Etolie’s plain, malban, or dates ka7k are 90LE per kilo, walnut is 140LE, while agameya is for 110LE. As for plain and nuts ghourayeba are for 96LE and 110LE. Plain biscuit is for 80LE, while the flavoured  (chocolate, coconut, and orange) sells for 86LE. The place also has a range of assorted ka7k and biscuits boxes that range between 105LE and 440LE, according to weight.


Offering Ka7k at last year’s prices, Delight’s plain ka7k is for 150LE, almond with malban is for 180LE, agameya is for 200LE, while walnut with agameya is for 240LE. Despite the limited range, Delight offers a never-seen-before ka7k flavour, which is caramelised-pecan ka7k that comes at the price of 280LE.

El Abd:

As usual, El Abd comes along with a heavy-weight collection of treats, in addition to various assorted gift boxes. Starting with the ka7k collection, a kilo of each of plain, malban, or agameya costs 95LE, while walnut, or pistachio are for 140LE. Biscuits are for the same price (85LE) and their flavours are orange, coconut, chocolate, and plain, while petit fours range between 110LE and 140LE.

Abdel Rahim Koueidar:

The classic collection that includes, plain, date, or malban, are all 104LE each, while plain and pistachio ghourayeba are for 120LE and 145LE respectively. A kilo of assorted petit fours ranges between 116LE to 150LE, while plain biscuit is for 106LE/kilo.


The veteran pastry shop has its say this Eid, offering plain ka7k (110LE/kilo), malban (100LE/kilo), agameya (140LE/kilo) and pistachio (240LE), while plain, hazelnut, and pistachio ghourayeba are for 100LE, 200LE and 240LE respectively. Petit fours range between 130LE and 180LE, flavoured biscuits (orange, chocolate, and coconut) are the same price (110LE), while the plain ones are for 100LE.


In addition to the range of assorted ka7k boxes that come in various weights with prices ranging between 225LE and 450LE, Simonds collection of classic flavours (date, plain, or malban) are for 115LE per kilo, while agameya, walnut, and pistachio are for 135LE, 185LE, and 245LE, respectively. Also worth mentioning, the place has a Viagra Ka7k, yes, you read it right; while we are not sure about the secret ingredient, we know that a kilo costs 245LE.

Other than that, Simonds has a wide range of ghorayeba, including the plain (135LE), hazelnut (185LE), almond (185LE) and pistachio 225LE.


In addition to the plain (150LE), TBS returns this Eid with two ka7k flavours; pistachio with walnuts (250LE) and hazelnut (195LE). The bakery shop also offers petit fours at 160LE and biscuits at 100LE.