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Five Desserts You Have to Try Before the End of Ramadan

Five Desserts You Have to Try Before the End of Ramadan
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Although we’re halfway through Ramadan, curbing our daily daydreams of luscious dessert is still very much a struggle. This year, Cairo’s bakeries and confectioners haven’t disappointed in terms of the usual onslaught of festive specials. But with so many options, what’s a girl to do? Here are our picks for the desserts worth packing on a few extra calories for.

Dark Chocolate Konafa with Caramel @ Dukes

Renowned for serving the best dirt cake in town all year round, this season, Dukes entered the trendy dessert race with a variety of interesting creations. One of the highlights, though, is Dukes’ log-shaped Dark Chocolate Konafa with Caramel; just imagine the rich and smooth dark chocolate and caramel working in tandem the crispy konafa – yum. All that yuminess will set you back 210LE.

Peanut Butter Konafa @  The Four Fat Ladies

A delicious Ramadan dessert that comes from one of the best bakeries in town; this year, one of The Four Fat Ladies’ creations comes in the form of peanut butter konafa. The harmony between the thick Peanut butter filling and the crispy golden Konafa is flawless.  A whole platter of this goodness is for 170LE.

Lotus Biscuit Balah El Sham @ The Batter Half and Co.

One of The Batter Half and Co.’s yummiest new inventions this year is their modern take on Balah El Sham. Exceptionally tasty, the nutty taste of the Lotus paste works really well with the sweet and crispy dough. This mini adventure of a dessert is available at the price of 9.51LE apiece.

Pistachio & Honey Cinnabon Bites @ Cinnabon

Last year, Cinnabon took on kahk and added its own twists to it. This Ramadan, the cinnamon roll franchise has been offering the Ramadan Bites Box. While the boxes boast basbousa and konafa Cinnabon bites, the pistachio and honey flavour is the highlight. Using the same freshly-baked dough, each bite is filled with crunchy pistachios, topped with cream cheese and drizzled with honey – need we say more? 01224566666 Ramadan Delights comes in a 24-piece box for 125LE. 

Salted Caramel Konafa @ La Poire

This season, among La Poire’s Ramadan creations is the Salted Caramel Konafa; which is basically a pool of the bitter-sweet and lusciously sticky salted caramel, surrounded by a ring of crispy konafa. We can’t tell how exactly to avert making a mess while eating this dessert, but what we know for sure is that it will be a beautiful mess. This item comes in a cup for 25LE, or a whole tart for 200LE.

Now that we are done with the list, stay tuned for our special kahk feature.