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For Every Sweet Tooth out There: The Ultimate Guide to Cairo’s Best Desserts
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Cairo 360

The dessert scene in Cairo is unlike no other, and while we get a main trend every couple of years, we’re glad to see that the dust is settling and we’re now left with top spots in different specialties. So if you’re looking for sure hits that have a certain uniqueness about their taste, look no further than this list, garnering the absolute best of the best in sweets in our beloved Capital.

The Batter Half & Co.

Clever name: check. Cool design: check. Delicious desserts: check. The Batter Half & Co. has become a go-to for desserts in Cairo, with their inventive additions and seasonal desserts, they always keep things interesting. Keep coming for Halloween, Ramadan, and other events for their special desserts, and don’t miss their ice cream macaroons.

The Four Fat Ladies

With a wide menu that includes drinks and desserts, The Four Fat Ladies tries to be more than a dessert shop by offering a reasonably spacious seating area. Their many branches in Cairo are perfect for a sweet tooth in search of premium quality. Brownie bites are a sure hit, with a pure hint of heaven.

Nola Cupcakes

It’s almost impossible to think of desserts without Nola crossing your mind. Amid the surge of cupcake shops in Egypt, Nola stood out with ease and conquered all to remain a household name in desserts in general. They have custom cupcakes and special Ramadan desserts tantalizing your every taste bud.

TBS – The Bakery Shop

Perfect for a breakfast spot, TBS is also home to a number of sweet bakeries. Whether it’s croissants, donuts, tarts, or any of their delicious desserts, you’re sure to get freshly baked goods with fresh ingredients.


One of the oldest names on this list, Rigoletto may not have a ton of publicity or a lot of branches, but it has quite the bang for the buck. Their ice cream offerings are exquisite, and they have a number of dessert options, with their chocolate cake standing out, it’s probably even the best one in town. Rigoletto also hits the mark in prices with a very affordable menu.

Say Cheese

This cheesecake shop will put a smile on your face. One of the first spots to launch the cheesecake jar trend in Egypt, Say Cheese have perfected the cheesecake with a ton of flavours all hitting the spot. Their cheese is light and creamy, leaving room for the flavours to kick in, whether it’s chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, peanut butter and brownies, or more. They also offer catering services.

Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn

When it comes to gourmet popcorn, Kukuruza is the top name in town. While prices are high, so is the quality. Their crunchy popcorn is filled with flavours, and of those you have tons of choices. They also have savory popcorn options.

Ralph’s German Bakery

Hitting top levels of fame in Dahab, Cairenes were anticipating Ralph’s entry to Cairo, and their high expectations were met. Offering a delicious variety of breakfast options, Ralph’s also puts out a few sweet bakery menu items, led by their signature Berliner, a sugary cloud of dough generously filled with apricot jam.


It seems Crave makes its way on every list, but why wouldn’t it? The international restaurant offers one of the best dessert options in town, and while not necessarily a dessert shop, Crave is perfect for sharing a sweet plate or two with friends. Do not, we repeat, do not miss their Chocolate Chip Lava Cake.


The Zamalek sandwich and dessert spot is famous for delicious and simple options. But let’s focus on the sweet side. While they may not have stand out items, their regular dessert options are taken to higher levels with perfect execution and fresh ingredients. Homemade feel, bursting with tasty flavours.


While considered by many as a restaurant, and it is, Paul is actually a bakery and patisserie in essence. Their dessert menu is one of our favourites in town, especially with its consistency throughout the years, the menu’s huge and absolutely delicious.

House of Cocoa

A true haven for chocolate lovers.  They rocked Social Media a few years back with their hot chocolate drinks made with premium imported chocolate cubes. In addition, they offer a tasty variety of desserts that will leave you spoilt for choice. Aside from their menu, House of Cocoa also offer other items for purchase, whether it be their mugs, fondue sets, or a chocolate fountain, there’s more than just desserts on offer here.