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For the Love of Ice Cream: The Cairo 360 Guide to the World’s Creamiest Dessert

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For the Love of Ice Cream: The Cairo 360 Guide to the World’s Creamiest Dessert
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Cairo 360

Kids, adults, males and females, even dogs we bet, are all fond of ice cream in all of its delicious flavours. The cool, sweet, flavourful scoops of heaven are perfect for a hot summer evening, and they’re worth the added chills of a cold winter night. But, where to go for ice cream? That’s the million dollar question we’re answering right now.

Dara’s Ice Cream

One of Cairo’s newest ice cream spots, Dara’s Ice Cream hit Galleria40 and landed with a bang. Unlike all ice cream shops, you can’t actually see the ice cream in the freezer, but they say that’s better for hygiene. But what about the taste? They have unique flavours like white coffee or honeycomb, plus of course all the standards. You can get a chocolate chip cookie with your ice cream, or have it in a chocolate waffle cone, the choices are seemingly endless.

The Batter Half & Co.

A bakery, dessert shop, and ice cream spot, The Batter Half & Co. is one of the favourite places in Cairo for any sweet tooth out there, and for good reason. They have a host of different flavours, and each and every one is of premium quality and excellent taste.


The classic Zamalek spot has a classic logo and a classic flavour. Not much in terms of unique flavours, but definitely doesn’t fall short when it comes to taste. You can add some baked goods to your sweet meal, and enjoy the quite reasonable prices of this spot.


This Maadi spot is strongly making its claim for having the best ice cream in town. They have one of the largest flavour selections in Cairo, and are surely keeping their quality consistent throughout the years.

Mandarine Koueider

It fills our hearts with joy when we see such an old venue maintaining its quality throughout the test of time. Mandarine Koueider is one of the oldest bakeries and ice cream spots in Cairo, and is definitely still one of the best. Reasonable prices and delicious flavours.

Gelato Mio

The simplicity of Italian ice cream, or Gelato, as they call it there, is surely notable in this tiny Zamalek spot. No fuss, but definitely a whole lot of flavours, Gelato Mio have their own path and style in ice cream, and it works perfectly.

Frozzy Twist

The trend of the Thai style ice cream rolls hit Cairo with a storm, and while a lot of trend followers have faded out, Frozzy Twist remains the leader of the pack with arguably the best Thai ice cream in town. You can expect a whole plethora of flavours, and excellent taste in all of them.





This spot is for every health-aware sweet tooth out there looking for a not-so guilty pleasure. Yoggy’s offer fat-free fro-yo in a ton of flavours. If guilt is not a problem for you, you can top it off with Oreos, M&Ms, or other delightful additions.