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Fyngan: Transforming Maadi’s Coffee Culture

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Fyngan: Transforming Maadi’s Coffee Culture
    written by
    Aminah Keevy

    Welcome to the coffee bar turning strangers into best friends! 

    Meet Hany Soliman, the down-to-earth founder of one of Maadi’s hippest coffee spots — Fyngan. Rarely found without a smile on his face, or a piping hot espresso in-hand, Soliman believes wholeheartedly that the Maadi community members are the lifeblood of the cafe. “We’re not just a coffee place. We create and share experiences,” and boy, does it show. From the sweet smell of Ratios warm bread, to the dark floral notes of fresh grounds, out to the soft, calming garden space outside, the laid back culture is ever-present. Under the trees and punctuated by several warm greetings and mini conversations with friends— ahem, “customers”— that can be described as nothing less than reminiscent of a family reunion, we managed to uncover the backstory of this coffee haven’s beloved owner.

     After venturing into the coffee realm just four years ago, and while traveling through France and Italy, Soliman begged the question: what makes coffee exceptional? Ingredients, temperature, origin, roasting process — how does it affect that cup of caffeinated goodness that we all crave in the morning? Further down the rabbit hole, a friend dappling in the industry introduced him to his own unique creation which forced Soliman to wonder — why am I tasting blueberries? For a self-described “avid 3-in-1 guy,” these fruity notes started the revolution in his mind. Driven by curiosity and the desire to learn, the then-amateur commenced his official studies in the United States, following guidelines and procedures of the Speciality Coffee Association (an organization that standardizes coffee production).

    Jump ahead to spring, 2019. Soliman offers three types of Fyngan coffee — El Salvador, Honduras, Uganda — through online ordering but no physical cafe exists. Fast-forward to winter of the same year. Fyngan partners with Ratios and adds Nicaragua and Uganda Drugar to the lineup. Together, both entrepreneurs manifest their ultimate dream. Bakery and cafe — 2 in 1. 

    Via Fyngan

    Two years later and the coffee bar only continues to grow in popularity. With the intent of educating customers and maintaining a positive, care-free environment, Fyngan upholds the value of community above anything else. While Soliman and his staff are the human embodiment of the word “inviting,” the relationship between Hany Soliman and Ratios owner, Samer Samir, serves as an even stronger example of cooperation to the business community. 

    In his own words, Soliman views coffee as an ocean. Chuckling, Soliman recalled thinking to himself, “I’ll get on my dingy and I’ll start paddling and see… and until now, I haven’t seen another shore yet. There’s still so much.” With the never-ending goal of bettering his craft, the coffee connoisseur made a name for himself simply by diving head-first into a field he knew nothing about. However, his biggest pride comes from growing the Fyngan Family — employees, customers, and pets all invited. 

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