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Greek Yoghurt in Cairo? Here’s Where to Find your Favourite Jar

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Greek Yoghurt in Cairo? Here’s Where to Find your Favourite Jar
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image via Lychee-facebook


These days, it’s getting hot in Cairo, and one can’t help but think of Greek yoghurt as a deliciously light breakfast/snack that will satisfy your palate without leaving you gasping for air.

Explore your options with this list of places in Cairo that serve Greek yoghurt in various flavours:

Little Ovio:
The Zamalek breakfast spot takes pride in its endless range of seasonal fruit and additions that have something for everyone. You can place your order through Ovio’s website.

Delivering to Zamalek, Kattameya, Heliopolis, and Mohandiseen, Kik’s menu includes plain Greek yoghurt, as well as flavours such as coffee, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, strawberry, chocolate, date, mango, and the unique pumpkin spice.

With a couple of branches, one in Maadi and another in Kattameya, Lyfe offers a wide range of options that come with oats to make it even more filling; Banana Nut, Blueberry Lemon, Coffee and Almonds, Peanut Butter Raisin, and Plain with granola and honey.

The health-conscious Zamalek spot offers an excellent range; plain with granola & honey, fig & pistachio, peanut butter & banana, and fruit & nuts.

The renowned juice bar that also boasts a round of healthy food choices offers plain, honey, strawberry, and berries, which you can purchase in bulk.
Lychee also has a round of healthy Greek yoghurt based signatures, like Chocolate Chips, Power Up, and Very Berry. Order through the lychee’s website.

Comes in plain, honey and cinnamon, and blueberry; Goyo’s range can be found in supermarkets.

Full fat or zero fat; Greeyo has you covered when it comes to how you like your plain yoghurt. Those who are looking for flavoured options won’t be disappointed either, as it has choices like strawberry, honey & vanilla, and blueberry.

The pastry shop serves strawberry, and blueberry & raspberry.

Sara’s Jars:
Sara’s Jars’ range of yoghurts can be found at Seoudi, with choices of plain, honey and vanilla, raspberry, coconut, mocha, and green apple.