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Hot Right Now: Bread Pudding

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Hot Right Now: Bread Pudding
written by
Nelly Ezz

Bread and pudding in the same sentence may sound odd for some people, but this all-time English favourite has made its way into most restaurant menus in Cairo. Starting from humble beginnings, bread pudding evolved out of necessity to use up leftover, stale bread when food was scarce. Adding a bit of warm liquid and sugar to stale bread would essentially make it new again, and thus, bread pudding was born. 

Food historians trace bread pudding back to Europe in the early 11th and 12th centuries, and it has been popular in England since the 13th century. Throughout history, chefs from many different backgrounds loathed having to waste stale bread, so they invented many savoury and sweet dishes that utilised it. As a result, almost every country in the world has its own interpretation of bread pudding, from India and Argentina to Europe and the United Kingdom. Even we, Egyptians, created Om Ali from old bread, cream, raisins, and nuts. Today, bread pudding is still made, but its current forms tend to be far more luxurious than their humble origins. The components common to all bread pudding dishes are the eggs and the milk or cream—these are essential as they form the custard base that holds bread puddings together. Once the base is made, toppings can range from one country and recipe to another—the sky’s the limit. So, if you’re curious to try this invention out, here are a few places that serve them. 

Il loft

This Arkan Plaza old-timer has been wowing customers with an extensive array of Italian speciality dishes and more for years. Il Loft has stood its ground in elevated casual dining in Sheikh Zayed until it made its way to Waterway, New Cairo. Among its many delicious desserts, you will find their signature Bread Pudding on the menu made with brioche, vanilla custard, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream on the side. 

BBQ Bros

Everyone’s favourite summer BBQ joint just touched down in Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed. BBQ Bros made quite the name for itself in Gouna and Northcoast, and now they’re offering their delicious menu for Sheikh Zayed residents. Aside from all the different meat cuts and burgers they offer, you can also try their Pain Perdu, made on the grill and served with fresh fruits, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream.


Where art meets food, this art museum-like restaurant has impressed goers with its artistic aesthetics and its creative menu. If you want to give their version of bread pudding a try, you can head over to their Mall of Arabia or 5A branches. On their innovative menu, you can find Pain Perdu, Bread Pudding, and Croissant Pudding—all served with caramel sauce and ice cream.