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Hot Right Now: Dolato’s Latest Ramadan Flavours

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Hot Right Now: Dolato’s Latest Ramadan Flavours
written by
Nelly Ezz

Ice cream is everyone’s all-time hot-weather go-to dessert, especially during summer. A few years back, we all witnessed a rise in the Italian-born cold delicacy; gelato. This traditional Italian invention is different from ice cream because of its light texture made with milk rather than cream, which is used to make traditional ice cream. Whether it’s ice cream, soft serve, or gelato, this refreshing cup of goodness should always taste like joy. 

Interestingly, some people believe that the true origin of frozen and iced desserts is actually China. A long time ago, Chinese people would freeze overcooked rice, certain spices, and milk in snow, resulting in a historical variation of gelato. However, the habit of mixing fruit juices and ice was brought to Italy long ago, resulting in the Italian sorbetto. A breakthrough in the history of gelato took place in Florence, Italy, in the 16th century. Regardless of the debate on the true origin of gelato, many people now enjoy the ice-cold treat everywhere.

With the gelato being a lot less dense and overall lighter to digest, many gelato shops have set up stores across the capital over the years. As a result, Cairo’s whole ice cream scene has seen quite the variety over the last few years, from old-school parlours and innovative gelato shops to vegan options and modern creameries. But Dolato, in particular, was a place that created a lot of chatter. This buzz mainly happened because of their Mini Sticks; bite-sized gelato popsicles with different flavours and textures. These little tiny bites of heaven work well in satisfying anyone’s sweet tooth without the guilt that comes along with it. 

With more than 12 flavours on offer on regular days, Ramadan came in this year with a whole new set of unique flavours. It created quite the social media buzz as Dolato held a few competitions and giveaways to announce their new gelato and Mini Sticks flavours during the holy month. Alongside their various vegan and gluten-free options, Dolato has introduced many enticing Ramadan varieties like Yoghurt, Yoghurt with Sesame, Remoosh El Set, Basbousa with Hazelnut, Yoghurt with Apricot & Raisins, and Mango Kunafa. In addition, their Mini Sticks also feature some seasonal flavours, such as Mango Kunafa, Kunafa Nutella, Basbousa with Hazelnut, Kunafa Lotus, and Yoghurt with Sesame. 

You can check out their 6 or 12 scoop boxes and 25 or 50 Mini Stick boxes to try their new flavours with your family and friends. Their branches can be found all across Cairo in Heliopolis, Zayed, and New Cairo, so we can all enjoy the authentic taste of Italian gelato from the comfort of our neighbourhood.