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Hot Right Now: Redbull New Flavour Editions

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Hot Right Now: Redbull New Flavour Editions
written by
Nelly Ezz
Via Food52

Energy drinks – we love them, shy away from them, and cannot live without them. Yes, it’s the modern-day dilemma of loving something that might not be the best healthy option. However, unlike many energy drinks brands that hit the Egyptian market over the years, RedBull has definitely been the only winner of the consumer race for at least a decade. Aside from their hip branding, cool marketing activities, and even cooler events – Redbull’s brand positioning has been the smartest for sure. 

Catering to the young audience and keeping up to date is what the company is good at; that’s why creating new flavour editions was a smart move on their side. Of course, if you’re a true RedBull fan and have been since the beginning, then all of the other flavours coming out to mask its original taste aren’t that important to you. However, it’s nice to have options to bring something fruity into the mix to switch things up. So here’s a breakdown of the new flavour editions and the best way to use them this summer. 

The Coconut Edition

This strikingly coloured flavour is like summer and sun rays in a can. Imagine yourself on a tropical island with waves, birds, and dolphins – if you translate those elements into a taste, you’ll get the vibe and taste what this flavour wants to achieve. While flavours like papaya, mango, and pineapple come to mind when thinking tropical, this smooth coconut flavour is pretty delicious, as it is aesthetically satisfying. Using this edition can be as straightforward as adding it to rum for a cool breezy pool-side drink or opting for more sophistication by adding other fruit juices and spirits. Since coconut pairs well with tropical flavours like banana, citrus, lychee, mango, mint, passion fruit, and pineapple, getting creative with mocktails and cocktails is easy. You can even add hints of vanilla, chocolate, or caramel to enhance the creaminess of those drinks – be sure to pair them with rum or vodka for optimum flavour profiles. 

The Watermelon Edition

This ruby-red fizzy edition is a bit mediocre compared to the Coconut Edition. It smelled like typical artificial watermelon candy or gum, but it didn’t particularly scream watermelon flavour. It had more sour undertones than sweet – which might work well in cocktails in small quantities. Because of its subtly sweet and striking sour palette, pairing this edition with crushed ice, citrus, and mint while adding dashes of vodka, gin, or silver tequila might be the best choice. 

The Summer Edition: Cactus Fruit

Summer is all about adventure, and every adventure starts with a thirst for something refreshing and new. This new Cactus Fruit flavour features cactus fruit’s summer-y, refreshing taste. But, what is the taste of cactus exactly? If we had to put it into words, cactus has a mildly sour taste and resonates more with asparagus and other vegetables than fruits. So this one might be harder to mix with ordinary sweet cocktails and mocktails, but it would work wonders with gold tequila and dark rum-based cocktails. The distinctive cactus flavour would work well with agave nectar, making the whole tequila experience more sophisticated. It might also be a great addition to savoury Japanese cocktails that feature cucumber, gin, and yuzu.