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Must-Try Spots: These Cafes Make for Perfect Eid Outings

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Must-Try Spots: These Cafes Make for Perfect Eid Outings
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We’ve already passed the final weekend of Ramadan, and we all know what’s coming next, Eid Al Fitr starts this Friday, and we’re all so excited to relieve ourselves after a month of fasting and enjoy the sweet little things we took for granted like a morning breakfast, or a cup of our favourite caffeinated drink when the sun is still up.

But just like Ramadan was all about friends and family, Eid Al Fitr should also be spent with our loved ones. So if you’re looking for a great place to hang out, look no further than what we have for you in this article.

  1. Paul

Paul is one of those places that has everything you need. Their food is absolutely delicious, their coffee expertly made, and their desserts, well, probably one of the best in town. Paul is a bakery in essence, and is perfect for breakfast out with your friends, lunch, or even dinner. You won’t regret trying it out.

  1. Troufa

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Arkan Plaza’s Troufa is one of the most sophisticated dessert spots in Cairo. You’ll love the atmosphere and seating of this place, and you’ll find it quite a difficult task choosing one of their dessert options.

  1. Qahwet Warda

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A lovely place in Mohandessin that combines oriental decorations, comfortable seating, and refreshing drinks. They also have a variety of options for quick bites including sandwiches, cheese dishes, and pies.

  1. Blaze

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Point 90 in New Cairo is famous for its many spots, and Blaze is one of the top choices there. You can expect a comfortable seating area, and a menu filled with special dishes and refreshing drinks. Their savory and dessert options are similarly delicious. They also have branches in Heliopolis and Mohandessin.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

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One of the most famous doughnut franchises worldwide, Dunkin Donuts has quickly made itself a name in Egypt with smooth hot drinks and to-die-for doughnuts. You’ll get your order fresh and quick for a meal you’ll never regret.

  1. House of Cocoa

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A chocolate lover’s haven, this place will satisfy your deepest cravings for chocolate. The Korba or Maadi branches are sure to give you joy and happiness worthy of Eid. Their hot chocolate drinks come with beautiful molten Swiss chocolate, and their lavish desserts are made with premium ingredients.

  1. Bocca

Bocca is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique meal. Their dishes are outstandingly presentable, and their choices of appetisers are one of the best in town. The Mohandessin show has to be on your to-go list.

  1. Gaby’s

While some restaurants may be a little hit & miss, this restaurant is always spot-on from our experience. It offers a host of delicious international dishes and very tasty Moroccan desserts.

  1. Gelato Mio

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When you’re thinking of places in Cairo where you can have a nice walk, Zamalek is definitely one of the top choices, and it’s even better thanks to places like Gelato Mio, the tiny ice cream shack is huge on taste and diversity in its flavours.

  1. Mandarine Koueider

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You can treat it exactly like Gelato Mio in terms of adding it to your Zamalek walk. Koueider offers a host of dessert options as well as diverse flavours of ice cream. Mandarine Koueider also has a lot of branches: Maadi, Heliopolis, and many more around Cairo.