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Pet Friendly Spots and Where to Find Them

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Pet Friendly Spots and Where to Find Them
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    You jingle your keys right out of your pocket, your hands are jittery from the excitement of getting back home after a long day of work. You can already hear the tiny footsteps trotting towards the door. You open the door, and there you find your favourite pet wiggling its tail in excitement.

    Pet owners, you know how this feels! This one goes out to those who love spending quality time with their pets, especially those who are, ahem, extremely attached. You don’t have to leave your pet behind when you go out with your friends. Whether it be a casual hangout or a quick coffee break, your furry friends can tag along! We’ve scouted a few spots that aren’t only pet-friendly but have delicious food selections as well.

    Ratio’s Bakery

    A wholesome place that is always warm, regardless of the weather. They have a designated garden right outside the place, where your dog can run freely and play with their other furry friends! This one is more for dogs than it is for cats, sorry cat owners. They have an outdoor seating area, aside from their garden, with a coffee booth placed in the middle. They’re most famous for their sourdough pastries ranging from their Focaccia bread to their Pizzas, and of course, their baked goods ranging from their cinnamon buns to their multi-flavour croissants! Give it a visit, you and your pet won’t be disappointed.

    White by Waterway, Waterway 1 and The Drive by Waterway

    Basically, all of the Waterways are ready for you and your furry friends! Located in New Cairo, The Drive in specific is a pretty spacious place so it never seems to get too busy, which is perfect for your pets if they get overwhelmed quickly! They have a selection of cafes and restaurants that serve finger foods, burgers, rolls and pizzas; a pretty chill hangout spot for those who like to walk around, or if you don’t want to get out of your car, you can always join the drive-in queue!

    Two Spoons

    Perfect for those who love to share their food – not you Joey! The idea behind the restaurant is based on sharing, and guess what, it’s also pet-friendly! Head down to New Cairo and grab yourself a bite with the company of your furry friend.

    Cake Cafe

    Back to basics! Located in Zamalek, Cake Cafe has its doors open for you and your pet. The one and only place where every day is your birthday, get it? Cake? You get to enjoy your favourite baked goods and of course, their wide selection of cake, while never leaving your pet’s side! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?