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The Best Doughnuts Around Cairo

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The Best Doughnuts Around Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

There’s a fine line between doughnuts and bread; if you mess up the ratios of the ingredients, you’re gambling the final result. There’s no doubt that the shape, texture and flavours of doughnuts have changed over time. Growing up as ’90s kids, we usually would find doughnuts bigger, fluffier, and more of a sweet bread texture. Now, doughnuts are smaller with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, topped with a ton of new flavours such as Lotus, Red Velvet, and even Cheesecake. We’ve compiled the perfect local doughnuts list for our ’90s kids who preferred the big fluffy doughs, and for those who would rather have a few small bites on the go!


Besides offering a great delivery service and online grocery shopping, Breadfast has its own bakery, where they make plenty of goodies, from croissants and bread to the fluffiest doughnuts in Cairo. They serve doughnuts and coffee at their on-ground cafes, which is the perfect pairing! The doughnuts are so good that they are the menu’s highlight!

Eden Bakery

Located in Maadi and New Cairo, Eden is truly the paradise of all bakeries in Cairo! Heavenly pastries they say and heavenly pastries they deliver, especially when it comes to doughnuts. Their doughnuts are as big as your palm, with many flavours to choose from. Whether you prefer stuffed or ring, the choices are endless. From classic flavours like Chocolate, Nutella, Strawberry, and White Chocolate to Lotus, Caramel, and Custard, you’re guaranteed a time travel to the ’90s for your taste buds! 

Oli’s Doughnuts

Oli’s doughnuts are the perfect little bites on the go. They prepare their fresh doughnuts as you order, and customise them according to their huge variety of flavours like Pistachio, Cookies and Cream, Caramel and all the classics! You don’t have to worry about having stale doughnuts with this pick. 


Mini doughnuts are starting to trend, but this local startup might’ve elevated the trend to a whole new level. This one’s a dangerous pick; before you know it, you’ll finish a few boxes in one sitting! The flavours range from the classics all the way to Butterscotch, Golden Maple Syrup, Birthday Cake and Dulce De Leche. Unfortunately, Minime only delivers across New Cairo for now, but make sure you order a day in advance.