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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2015: Ice-Cream & Dairy Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2015: Ice-Cream & Dairy Award Winners
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    Cairo 360

    While dairy products are on every shelf in every grocery store in Egypt, and the notion of ice cream already quite common in a country that loves its Gelati from the local laban, there’s no denying that we’ve been missing out on ice cream flavours for years while we were still fathoming strawberry, mango, chocolate, vanilla and mesteka.

    However, in recent years, a number of stores specialising in ice-cream have flooded the market, and a new tier of competition has been unlocked. We’ve picked out only the best of the best; the ones you can always count on for that creamy goodness that gets you through the summer – or winter.

    Here are the Ice Cream & Dairy category winners for the Cairo 360 Editor's Choice Awards 2015.


    Probably serving the biggest portions between all the ice cream vendors, what Carvel may not be as flashu and ostentatious as other winners on this list, but the quality can’t be faulted.

    Cherry on Top

    What’s better than frozen yogurt? Customising your own frozen yogurt cake of course! With great toppings and the best consistency of frozen yogurt you could find, Cherry on Top is a definite winner.

    Gelato Mio

    The first time you try real gelato is always a special moment. Gelato Mio excel at freshly made sorbets, and funky inventive flavours. Try the fig and ricotta cheese flavour.


    Possibly Egypt’s oldest ice cream vendor, Rigoletto manages to capture the flavour of nostalgia in both its ice cream and cheese cakes.


    Combining frozen yogurt with a long list of fresh fruit toppings, Pinkberry might not be the first venue to embrace the frozen yogurt fad, but they are definitely one of the best at making them.


    Offering both gelato and frozen yogurt, Scoops isn’t as popular as it should be – the small shop makes delicious ice cream with funky packaging.


    A colourful DIY experience is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. TCBY lets you completely customise your frozen yoghurt in different sizes, flavours and toppings.


    Eating ice-cream can be a wholesome experience, and Yoggy’s aim to capture that by including all the fun of putting together the contraption yourself, with endless possibilities thanks to their salad bar-like topping station.


    Easily Maadi’s favourite ice cream provider, Stavolta rose to a household name faster than wildfire because of their delicious and freshly made ice creams that are regularly updated with seasonal flavours and new concoctions.

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