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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Lounge & Cafe Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Lounge & Cafe Award Winners
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Cairo 360

Despite being grateful for the colourful spectrum of cuisines that Cairo’s many restaurants offer these days, we still believe that our choice would have been a lot harder, had it not been for the various lounges and café scattered around the city; the laidback atmosphere that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and the variety of food and drinks. It simply caters to anyone’s taste, even the pickiest of foodies.

In this category, we celebrate the places that not only sheltered us when we had nothing specific on our minds to eat, but also whose quality service, premium foods and relaxed atmosphere have us hooked for good.


Besides their humongous variety of gourmet coffee, whose quality surpasses nearly any coffee place we’ve been to in Cairo so far, the self-help Turkish coffee chain also has a variety of delicious sandwiches and luscious desserts.

Left Bank

In matter of few years, Left Bank became a landmark in Zamalek; not just because of its chic, cosmopolitan ambience, or its magnificent Nile view, but the array of dishes and drinks it offers too.


One of the places to turn to when you are looking for delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients, served by friendly waiters in a casual but sophisticated ambience, Gaby’s ticks all the boxes. What more could you ask for?



A sibling venue of other two Editor’s Choice Award winners, Left Bank and Mirai, Sequoia is another Zamalek landmark which stands as a favourite chill-out spot for Cairenes, offeringeverything from Egyptian and Lebanese cuisine, sushi, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, to shisha and, of course, jaw-dropping views of the Nile.


A local café chain that has won the hearts of many around the city, Blaze comprises a variety of irresistible international and Mexican-inspired dishes, delicious desserts and, of course, shisha – all served in a cosy ambience by its friendly and efficient staff.

Hookah Lounge

Although not the first nor last of its kind in Cairo, Hookah Lounge has survived the crisis faced by many shisha places around Cairo. Aside from their quality shisha and speedy service, the place also has a variety of mouth-watering dishes for the hungry.  

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