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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best Cafés & Lounges in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best Cafés & Lounges in Cairo
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For a group of friends, there’s not a greater trial than choosing a place that caters to all tastes. We would easily go as far as telling you that a unanimous agreement is something that occurs once in a blue moon; one friend is hungry, the other hasn’t the time to dress up, and another just wants to hang out over a drink.

In this category, we’re celebrating the venues that have cut the usual hassle short, by offering something for everyone; drinks for those who are in it for a mere cup of coffee, and a vast selection of delicacies for those looking for a satisfactory meal.


What we like about Gaby’s is the unmatched ability to bring the best of both worlds; offering a fine-dining experience in a casual wrapping, which makes it easy for anyone to feel at home. Gaby’s boasts a number of branches around the city, including New Cairo’s Point 90 Mall, Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria 40, as well as Heliopolis’ CityStars.


At last someone has remembered that Mohandiseen dwellers need a place to call theirs. One of the few places in the area that has managed to become an all-time favourite in no time, thanks to its casual yet classy setting, and its wide variety of culinary options.


One of Cairo’s popular chains that you blindly turn to when you are in the mood for a casual outing that comes with good food. What we liked the most about our last visit to the place is their friendly and attentive staff.