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The Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards 2022: Ice Cream And Dairy Award Winners

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The Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards 2022: Ice Cream And Dairy Award Winners
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Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, lunch and dinner too. However, there’s one thing we all crave after a delicious meal—dessert, especially if it’s cold and soothing, like ice cream. And if there’s one thing about Cairenes, it’s that we love our ice cream! So if your tastebuds are craving that sweet but cold goodness, then check out the article to find the six Cairo-based ice cream places that you need to visit in 2022. 

1- Skip and Scoop – Walk Of Cairo, Sheikh Zayed 

A place that has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth, Skip and Scoop doesn’t just offer delicious ice cream, but it also has various other dessert options that you’ll want to try, like waffles, cookies, brownies, and more.

With many different flavours of ice cream, this spot also has gelato for those who have an Italian palate. Skip and Scoop is also known for its reasonable price, and we’d travel from Tagamoa to Zayed just to try it! 

2- Variegato – Sheikh Zayed 

Easily the richest ice cream flavours you could try in Sheikh Zayed can be found at Variegato, as its gelatos happen to be the most flavoursome things you could ever taste. They’re that intense and are made with a detectable passion. Although Variegato may not have the best set-up as a shop, its products will quickly make you forget everything about its aesthetics. If you ever want to visit this shop, we suggest trying its popsicles as they’re homemade and incredibly tasty. 

3- Sultana 

Known as one of the ice cream places in Egypt with the richest (and yummiest) ice cream, Sultana has been on the premium ice cream scene since 1989, and it’s still going strong to this day, continuing to give us the most heavenly flavours. We’d even dare to say Sultana is nothing short of magical, and once you take that first lick of its ice cream, you’ll feel your heart melting

4- Gelato Mio 

The good thing about Gelato Mio is that it has branches in many Cairene districts. So, wherever you are and whenever you find yourself craving some quality gelato, you’ll likely find that Gelato Mio is nearby, or you can call for quick delivery to get that ice cream fix. With authentic Italian gelato and sorbet flavours, we can guarantee that whatever you find yourself craving is a flavour found in Gelato Mio. 

5- Mandarine Koueider 

We’ll say three words and three words only about this magical heaven of all delights—yoghurt with berries. But if that delicious ice cream flavour is not enough to sell you in on Mandarine Koueider, then maybe it’s enough to know that the minute you try its ice cream, you’ll finally feel like you’re eating an insanely delicious delight. This shop is renowned for having the most mouth-watering ice cream flavours, and we wouldn’t know how our lives (and sweet-tooth) could have survived without it. 

6- Snö

Even though it’s only open in Maadi, we truly wish Snö would launch other branches all over Cairo so everyone can taste the sweetness that they deserve. It’s just that good, as its freshly-made Italian gelato with a Swedish twist will make you experience a taste you never knew you needed. Here’s another bonus: its crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are to die for!