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The Capital’s Creamiest Ice Cream Scoops!

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The Capital’s Creamiest Ice Cream Scoops!
written by
Sherif Khairy

Just like how one’s first love cannot be forgotten, one cannot forget their first dessert crush, ice cream. We’re always in the mood for ice cream, even when the winter season is just around the corner. So if you’re looking to get chilly with some delicious ice cream scoops, we’re bringing you the scoop on the best scoops in town.

White Coffee Ice Cream by Dara’s Ice Cream

This new ice cream shop hit Galleria40 in style, and whenever you go there, you’ll find it packed. One of their awesome options is getting a chocolate chip cookie (27 EGP) with your ice cream, and while the cookie on its own is not that good, it works quite well with the ice cream. When it comes to flavours, our favourite was the White Coffee Ice Cream (31 EGP). Imagine eating a delicious frappe with a strong coffee flavour, that’s exactly what it’s like to have the White Coffee Ice Cream.

Banana & Guava Mix by Gelato Mio

Bringing the Italian twist back to ice cream, Gelato Mio offers classic ice cream with no fuss. The small shop in Zamalek is one of the best ice cream providers in town. Their chocolate is amazing, but our favourite was the banana, guava combo (20 EGP per scoop). Trust us, and try it on your next visit.

Dark Chocolate Gelato by Stavolta

Stavolta made its way to fame by starting in Maadi. Their authentic flavours made them come out easily as one of the best ice cream shops in town. What’s great about Stavolta is their variety, and while innovative items such as mascarpone, karkadeh, and tamarind are so cool, our favourite might just be the classic Dark Chocolate Gelato (30 EGP).

Raspberry Yoghurt by Mandarine Koueider

This is one of the oldest ice cream shops in town, and it’s also one of the best. Mandarine Koueider do the traditional flavours like nobody else, and their Raspberry Yoghurt Scoop (20 EGP) is to die for! Freshness with every spoon.

Biscuit Ice Cream by The Batter Half & Co.

Tons of dessert options along with the many ice cream flavours. They even have ice cream macarons! But perhaps our favourite ice cream flavour is the Biscuit Ice Cream. It doesn’t sound very appetising, but the grainy texture of the ice cream, together with the fresh butter cookies taste makes this one hell of an ice cream scoop.

Brownie + Mint Ice Cream Combo by Rigoletto

The classic Italian ice cream and patisserie of Zamalek, Rigoletto is famous for their chocolate cakes, known by many as the best in town. If you want to go for something unique and tasty, reminiscent of the Lindt Mint Chocolate or the minty After Eight bars, ask for a hot brownie (25 EGP) with a scoop of mint ice cream (15 EGP). If you’re into mint chocolate, this will make your day.

Basbousa Ice Cream Rolls by Frozzy Twist

The ice cream rolls trend hit Egypt by storm, but went away soon after. However, Frozzy Twist still holds its place as one of the best ice cream shops in town. Perhaps their best offering is the Basbousa Ice Cream Roll (20-25 EGP). They mix up the basbousa and ice cream right in front of you, and the outcome is a fantastically delicious and chewy ice cream roll with bits of basbousa.