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These 10 Venues Are Serving Up Some To-Die-For Ramadan Desserts

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These 10 Venues Are Serving Up Some To-Die-For Ramadan Desserts
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Every day we may be thinking, “What are we going to eat for Iftar tomorrow?” But we should also be thinking of the dessert right after Iftar. Besides the traditional desserts we know and love, we’ve seen huge levels of innovation these past few years in terms of new combinations and unexpected mixes. So today we bring to you the top places where you can get the best Ramadan desserts.

La Poire

An institution in its own right, La Poire is probably the biggest name in desserts and pastries in Egypt. Their quality is undebatable, and this year they’ve given us delicious chocolate options with flavours like pistachio, oreo, halawa, konafa, and even rose water. They also have Konafa with Lotus biscuits and Oreos.


After last year’s Konafa Volcano, Nola has cemented itself as one of the go-to places for desserts last Ramadan, which they’ve thankfully got back again this time round. This year, it seems the new trend is Lotus biscuits, and Nola are at it with their Konafa Lotus. Check the video here to know more about their offerings.


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We await Tortina’s new selections every year. Their eastern desserts are absolutely delicious, besides the now-classic Mango Konafa, and all their other options. We can’t wait to see what they have planned for this year.

Salé Sucré Pâtisserie

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Salé Sucré is one of our favourites, and just like last year’s creative and delicious desserts, we’re expecting them to do something similar this year. Their Nutella Konafa was wonderful last year, and their red velvet and raspberry creations were also very tasty. Let’s see what they add this year.



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We know Delight’s previous dessert collections and that should tell us just how great their Ramadan additions will be. This year, they’ve come up with a Crème Brulee Konafa, something that may become a fixture.

The Batter Half & Co.

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Famous for their, almost everything, The Batter Half & Co are joining the Ramadan spirit with their Nutella, Red Velvet, and other types of Konafa that, of course, include Lotus Konafa. You can also look forward to their Basbousa Coconut, and Konafa with Turkish Coffee.

The Four Fat Ladies

In quite a short time, they’ve managed to garner a lot of popularity in Egypt. Some even believe that The Four Fat Ladies have the best cakes in town, but how will their Ramadan desserts fair? Well, they’ve started with the Konafa with Dates, so let’s see what else they add.


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The ice-cream establishment has given us the Konafa Ice-Cream Cake before, and this year they’re adding Basbousa Ice-Cream with Lotus biscuits, conforming with the trend.


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Dukes gained a lot of fame for its stunningly delicious dirt cake, and this Ramadan, you can expect them to go full force on desserts. They’ve already started with their chocolate dates and Ramadan cupcakes, but if we know anything about Dukes, there’s a lot more where that came from.


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They stole our hearts last year with an incredible array of incomprehensibly tasty mixes of oriental desserts with western delicacies. This Ramadan, we expect them to do just the same. You can expect individual treats such as mehalabya, basbousa, and konafa, as well as family-sized cakes for your gatherings.