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These Coffee Shops Will Give You an Authentically Egyptian Ramadan Experience

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These Coffee Shops Will Give You an Authentically Egyptian Ramadan Experience
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Where to spend Ramadan nights?  A question that lingers within our minds for most of the day. During fasting, we think of the night outings to divert our minds from thoughts of food, and after Iftar, we’re getting prepared to see where our nights will take us. But aside from Ramadan tents and fancy restaurants, a staple in Egyptian outings that extends to Ramadan is the Egyptian coffee shop, or better yet, El-Ahwa.

And since, just like most Cairenes, we hold a special place in our hearts for El-Ahwa, today we bring to you the best Ahawy to enjoy your Ramadan nights.

Bayt Zeinab Khatoon Coffee Shop in El-Hussein

Behind Al-Azhar Mosque, Zeinab Khatoon’s House holds a huge place in Egyptian history. It’s a wide and vast Eastern-style comfortable place. Being there is like travelling back in time hundreds of years. The area next to the house has become a coffee shop famous for its ancient Egyptian style.

You have two seating options, the first one is an Arabic seating area, and the other is a normal seating area. Prices are very affordable, and you get a host of traditional Egyptian drinks, and munch on tasty sweet Zalabia.

Al-Fishawi Coffee Shop

Probably one of the most famous coffee shops in Egypt, this historical ahwa witnessed the writing of Naguib Mahfouz’s Nobel winning novel. It’s currently much less crowded than before, but it still retains the beautiful atmosphere it always had.

You can find it in a narrow street in Khan El-Khalili area, and has the classic look of a traditional Egyptian coffee shop. There’s not much better than their tea with mint, served in a dark blue pot on their golden trays, to be poured in etched glass cups. You’ll always find street vendors walking around selling a huge variety of stuff.

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El-Lord Coffee Shop

Taking a nice walk in El-Muizz Street must always be finished off by relaxing at one of the coffee shops in the street. Our favourite spot there is El-Lord Coffee Shop, the secret is in the journey here as well. It’s right next to Bab El-Fotouh which is very famous there, and you’ll know you’re there once you see a life-size statue of Om Kalthoum. If you’re a fan, you’ll love this place because they always play her songs.

Al-Bostan Coffee Shop

One of Downtown Cairo’s most famous coffee shops. The majesty of ancient buildings coupled with the liveliness of the shining shops and bustling streets. Sitting in this ahwa is like seeing a painting of the core of Egyptian people.

It’s easy to find this coffee shop, right at the intersection between Kasr El-Nile Street and Sherif Street. There’s a huge seating area that can take hundreds of people, all enjoying the inexplicably enjoyable atmosphere.