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Tried and Tasted: Cairo’s Best Ice Cream

Tried and Tasted: Cairo’s Best Ice Cream
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    ‘I scream, you
    scream, we all scream for ice cream!’ Summertime is here and the seasonal
    cravings have morphed from homemade cookies to ice cream. And truthfully, who
    doesn’t love ice cream? It’s one of those treats that brings with it a childhood nostalgia and is so much better enjoyed
    in the company of others. Whether you prefer it one flavour at a time, from a
    freshly baked waffle cone or choose to devour it straight from the bowl, there
    are many ways to enjoy this quintessential summer-time delight.

    Here are our
    choices for the best ice cream spots in Cairo. 
    Some of the below selections have inspired some heated debate in the office, emphasizing that ice
    cream is most definitely a serious matter. We’ve done our fair share of taste testing in order to bring you our top five favourite picks.

    Abdel Rahim
    Some firmly believe that Abdel
    Rahim serves up the meanest scoop of ice cream in town, and at the cheapest
    price. The shop is found on Talaat Harb street Downtown, where the ice cream
    stand is located at the store’s front; posing a problem with already melted ice
    cream when it’s blazing outside. The Syrian inspired ice cream ranges from
    30-85LE per kilo.   Traditional chocolate,
    pistachio, and date ice creams come with the highest recommendations.

    This legendary
    ice cream shop has been around since 1928 along with its ex-affiliate above.
    Although it’s a tough choice between the two, this reviewer is quite shameless about
    a deep love for their lemon sorbet. Their prices are a bit steeper than Abdel
    Rahim’s with a greater selection, from standard ice cream to sorbets and frozen
    yogurts. The lemon sorbet and real berry frozen yogurt are amazingly paired and
    a scoop will run you 4.5LE. For 11LE, get yourself two scoops atop a fresh
    waffle cone. The sweet shop has locations in Maadi, Zamalek and Heliopolis.

    Baskin Robbins Head to Road Nine in Maadi or to Heliopolis for a little
    well known ice cream love. Unique flavours include pralines and cream as well
    as peppermint. If you’re looking for caloric decadence and a simple scoop of
    ice cream sounds a bit boring, create your own sundae with a slew of toppings
    to accompany your ice cream of choice. For around 20LE, a banana sundae is
    served piled high with two scoops, along with drizzly caramel or
    chocolate syrup, diced nuts, and the prerequisite banana slices.

    Sultana It’s been awhile since we’ve checked out
    Sultana, thanks to our Koueider addiction, but their American-style-meets-gelato
    is pretty heavenly. With flavours ranging from mint chocolate to mango and
    hazelnut, there’s bound to be something for every ice cream lover. A scoop of the ice cream
    combo starts at around 6LE. Toppings are also available, ranging from dried
    fruits to cookie chunks and various syrups, so load it up. Sultana is located
    on the Corniche in Maadi; it’s Heliopolis location is a few stores down from Mandarin Koueider.

    Carvel The soft serve ice cream at this
    establishment definitely isn’t new to Cairo ’s
    dessert scene – but my is it delicious. With locations in City Stars, Rehab,
    and Mohandiseen, it’s a convenient citywide pick. We can vouch for the cookies n’ cream flavour that comes served with big
    chunks of cookie to set off the creamy vanilla ice cream. One scoop, served on a
    cake cone, costs around 10LE.  

    Wherever you
    choose to indulge, we’re sure you agree with us when we say ice cream is as
    essential a summer fixture as a functioning AC. We hope our diligent research helps
    you keep cool, calm and having fun in the middle of it all.