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With Prices, Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Kahk Shopping in the Capital

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With Prices, Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Kahk Shopping in the Capital
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Featured image via Salé Sucré Pâtisserie


Bid Ramadan and its spectrum of desserts –both crazy and classic- goodbye, for it’s only a matter of days before Eid, when kahk, biscuits, and treats reign. It’s the time of the year again when we search high and low to get you all the information regarding where to get your hands on Eid’s classic treat, and for how much.

La Poire

Kahk comes in various flavours, like date (150LE), agameya (180LE), malban and walnut (190LE), and walnut (250LE), while petit fours range between 210LE and 220LE. La Poire’s biscuit collection comes in a range of boxes that vary in size, with prices ranging between 18LE and 160LE.

Mandarine Koueidar

The renowned pastry shop offers the classic range that includes plain, malban, and date at the price of 120LE, while walnut and pistachio are 185LE and 240LE, respectively. Petit fours range between 130LE and 160LE, while plain biscuits are at the price of 110LE.

Al Abd

The classic range of plain, malban, and agameya is 110LE per kilo each, while walnut and pistachio are for 160LE and 170LE, respectively, and petit fours are range between 120LE and 150LE. Al Abd’s range of biscuits comes in various flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, orange, and coconut; they all share the same price of 95LE per kilo.


This year, Nola is ready for Eid with a box of assorted Eid treats, including plain, and date kahk, vanilla, and chocolate petit fours, in addition to plain biscuit. The box comes in two sizes; a single kilo box that sells for 160LE, and a two-kilo box that costs 295LE.


The Bakery Shop’s limited kahk collection includes two flavours only, plain (160LE), and walnut (210LE), however, the venue offers other treats as part of its assorted Eid treats boxes. One is the Premium Mixed Box (300LE), which includes plain, walnut, petit fours, and biscuit, while the other is Mega Mixed Box (400LE), which gathers what’s in the first box, plus malban, and agameya kahk.


When it comes to kahk, Voila’s Eid collection includes plain (130LE), agameya (145LE), walnut (200LE), and pistachio (260LE), as well as date, and malban, which come at the same price (125LE). The place also offers a range of biscuit flavours, like orange, plain, and chocolate (115LE), and petit fours with prices ranging between 155LE and 220LE.

Thomas Patisserie

In addition to the classic range that includes, plain kahk, malban, and date (140LE-each), walnut (240LE) and agameya (160LE), Thomas Patisserie boasts a wide spectrum of biscuits flavours, like coconut, chocolate, cinnamon, and orange, which all come at the price if 160LE, while the plain is for 140LE. The place also offers vanilla, and chocolate petit fours for 170LE.


All at the same price, Sedra’s range of plain, malban, and date kahk are 135LE, while flavours like agameya, pistachio, and walnut are being sold at 150LE, 205LE, and 195LE, respectively. Petit fours range between 130LE and 185LE, while biscuits are for 130LE.

Pistachio Desserts

In addition to a selection of assorted treat boxes that range between 270LE and 590LE, Pistachio Desserts offers the classic range of kahk that you can buy per kilo; plain, and malban (120LE), agameya (130LE), walnut (180LE), and pistachio (200). The place also has petit fours and biscuits that are sold in boxes at the prices 150LE for the first, and 120LE for the latter.


In addition to the range of assorted kahk boxes that come in various weights with prices ranging between 260LE and 575LE, Simonds’ collection of classic flavours, including date, plain, and malban are for 135LE per kilo, while agameya, walnut, and pistachio are for 155LE, 195LE and 245LE, respectively. At the price of 145LE Simonds’ range of biscuits include various flavours like coconut, chocolate, cinnamon, malban, and orange.


This year Delight offers a limited range of kahk that includes flavours like plain (180LE), agameya (240LE), and agameya with walnut (290LE).


Dukes offer kahk flavours like plain, malban, date at the price of 140LE each, while prices for agameya, agameya and walnut, and walnut kahk are 160LE, 190LE, and 210LE, respectively. The venue also has assorted kahk boxes that come in 3 different weights; a kilo box (180LE), 2-kilo box (330LE), and 3-kilo box (500LE). Biscuits and petit fours are sold in boxes at the prices of 100LE, and 150LE, respectively.


Offering a wide spectrum of flavours, Tseppas’ kahk collection includes flavours like hazelnut (210LE), walnut (200LE), as well as pistachio (252LE), in addition to the classic range, like plain (130LE), malban, and date (115LE). Petit fours range between 145LE and 210LE, whereas biscuits come in various flavours, like orange, coconut, and orange –all at the same price of 115.5LE.


Etoile’s range of plain, malban, and date kahk are 100LE per kilo, walnut is 140LE, while agameya is 110LE. As for biscuits, they come in flavours including chocolate, coconut, and orange, and are 94LE. The place also has a range of assorted Eid treats boxes that range between 110LE and 460LE, according to their weight. 

Salé Sucré

This Eid, Salé Sucré offers plain, malban, date, and agameya at the price of 130LE, while flavours like walnut and malban, and walnut are for 150LE, and 170LE respectively. Salé Sucré also has a range of petit fours, ranging between 140LE and 170LE.


Biscomisr offers plain kahk at 95LE, flavours like agameya, and date are 100LE, while walnut kahk is 145LE. Other than that, petits fours range between 100LE and 110LE, and biscuits that come in two flavours, orange and vanilla, sell for 85LE per box.


Coppermelt’s collection for the season offers various flavours, including plain (140LE), agameya (165LE), malban (150LE), and walnut (250LE), while petit fours range between 150LE and 170LE, and plain biscuit is 130LE per kilo.