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Work Friendly Spaces in Cairo

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Work Friendly Spaces in Cairo
written by
Nada Wahba

Around the same time last year, people were going back to quarantining and ultimately working from home, and we’re slowly having a throwback with the new COVID variant, Omicron, still spreading like wildfire. If, however, you’re among the people who feel unproductive whilst they’re locked up at home, and are perfectly healthy, of course, we have prepared a list of quiet places that you can visit to get some work done. Just don’t forget to wear your mask!   

MQR Spaces

Located in Platz, New Cairo, MQR is the perfect working space for anyone looking to escape the typical work from home environment. MQR is all about business and establishing a healthy work environment. They even have their own podcast; not your typical co-working space. They even have full-on offices if you decide that you and your co-workers need to host a meeting. 

Tree Trunk 

Located in Korba, Tree Truck is a roomy space that carries antique vibes! You’ll find paintings of every zodiac sign as you go up the stairs to reach the café, and Tree Trunk will give you all the quiet time you need to get your work done as you enjoy a hot drink in their mood-lit indoor area and take a bit of a breather on their balcony. 

Il Mulino

A place where you can grab a bite, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Il Mulino, Heliopolis, is a great place to work in silence. Their baked goods and coffee will keep you company as you grind through your day. The location is a cosy area in Heliopolis, so you’ll get to experience serenity before you even enter the shop. 


If you’re bored of the generic places in New Cairo, Carmel will give you the break you need. A small but mighty place where you mainly go for dessert. They also have killer brunch buffets during the weekend and, of course, amazing coffee to keep you going.

Cake Cafe 

A trusted staple, Cake Cafe in Zamalek carries eccentric vibes that aren’t found in any of their other locations. The Zamalek branch is extremely homely and quiet, and whether you decide to sit indoors or outdoors, you’ll get the same experience. Apart from their beautiful cake selection and sandwiches, you can also grab a hot meal as you work, and reward yourself after with a long walk in the narrow, cosy streets around the cafe.