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فاعل_خير# : Mobinil Revives Ramadan Campaign For Eid

فاعل_خير# : Mobinil Revives Ramadan Campaign For Eid
written by
Cairo 360

Remember that Mobinil advert that begins with a guy fixing an old fridge in the street and stuffing it with free food? Remember how the joy on people’s face used to draw a smile on yours?

Well, we’re here to tell you that this Eid, Mobinil is reviving their فاعل_خير# campaign; reminding people that giving back to the community or a simple good deed doesn’t have to be exclusive during the holy month of Ramadan.  

What started off as a mysterious hashtag – فاعل_خير# – spread over several streets in Egypt, evolved as one of the most noble and inspiring initiatives to date.

The idea was simple; raising people’s awareness that when it comes to doing an act of goodwill, there are neither rules nor boundaries. Mobinil showed us that the spectrum of benevolence is not exclusive to donating money but it can be as simple as alarming people about bumpy roads or donating your toys to orphans. This is the exact spirit that has Mobinil has carried into Eid El Adha, with the فاعل_خير# bus having been spotted around Cairo giving out toys, balloons and school supplies to children, while stationary chain, Samir & Ali, got in on the act in collaboration with Mobinil, where a special Happy Hour surprised guests with confetti, balloons and the welcome news that Moibinil is picking up the tab for their shopping.

Much like the movie Pay It Forward –which was about reacting to someone’s goodwill towards you by doing a good deed to others— the فاعل_خير# campaign showcased how one act of kindness can be influential and inspiring others to give back.  

Mobinil’s فاعل_خير# campaign is not only timeless, but it also helped us remember that good things always happen to do-gooders and that one simple act of goodwill or charity could change everything.  

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