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‎‘Gates to Royalty’: A Student Project that Takes You on a Tour Down Prominent Landmarks

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‎‘Gates to Royalty’: A Student Project that Takes You on a Tour Down Prominent Landmarks
written by
Mariam Nowar

Featured image of Mohammed Ali Palace: Gates to Royalty – Facebook

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has left people stuck at home, trying to flatten the curve, but there’s still hope of exploring our culture online! Recently, the Ministry of Tourism organised virtual tours through a few of Egypt’s historic sites, such as the tomb of Queen Meresankh III, along with The Red Monastery, and El Sultan Barquq Mosque and School.

A similar initiative, called Gates to Royalty, was taken by a group of students at Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) University. Ammar Tarek, Farah Seddik, Gannah Arshad, and Gasser Hesham teamed up for their final-year project, under the supervision of Dr Hayat Badr and Ms Mariem Selim, to organise virtual tours through Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. A few of their targeted hotspots are Muhammad Ali Palace, Al-Gawhara, Zaafran, Abdeen, Prince Taz Palace, Koubbeh, Antoniadis Palace, and Ras Al-Tin Palace.


“We’re working on providing a sense of how the rooms in each palace look. Also, we’re working on actually getting live footage from those palaces, so they’d go through it all at the comfort of their own home,” shared Seddik. “Through interactive posts, for example, story-telling, quizzes, mainly blending awareness with entertainment is our goal.”

Gates to Royalty also aims towards increasing the historical awareness of the younger generation towards Egypt’s monarchy eras. The campaign is sponsored by El Kenz Project, under the guidance of the Council of Arab Business Women, chaired by Ms Abeer Essam. The group of students will be making use of 360-degree and 3D technologies to offer a realistic representation of the historical sites on social media. They hope to share information about these palaces that have not been highlighted before.

The students hope their project can pave the way for tourism to flourish in the near future.