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‎‘Reshaping Norms’: Narrative Summit’s Digital Venture to Discuss the Impact of COVID-19‎

hala kamel narrative summit reshaping norms
‎‘Reshaping Norms’: Narrative Summit’s Digital Venture to Discuss the Impact of COVID-19‎
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Cairo 360

Clearly, the game-changing COVID-19 outbreak has the whole world shifting to a set of new habits in every aspect of life; be it the social life, economy, or the usage of technology. Indeed, the rapid change can cause an inevitable disturbance; however, the faster the world adapts, the more gains it harvests – this applies to both individuals and organisations.

In a move to explore the new conditions, Narrative Summit announced the launch of a series of talks aired on their various social media platforms, entitled Reshaping Norms. Hosting numerous local and global experts, the digital discussions will address the impact of COVID-19, and how it will reshape the future of the economy, social life, and technology, both locally and globally.

Lamia Kamel, founder and CEO of PR consultancy firm, Corporate Communications Plus (CC Plus), and also the founder of Narrative Summit, says: “It is undeniable that COVID-19 outbreak has caused a global turmoil in a very short span of time. During ‘Narrative Disruptors’ in 2019, it was predicted that digital transformation would take years to bring changes to everything and to reshape the face of Earth; however, this current crisis made us live these changes within weeks. These changes can now be felt in the different aspects of our lives, social practices and, of course, our economic conditions. The impact of the pandemic was particularly evident at the technological level and how we could deal with the various applications. Within a blink of an eye, we could see a new reality that we believed would take years to materialise.”

Narrative Summit’s previous talks about the expected digital transformations included various speeches by experts in the field, including our very own Waseem El Tanahi, CEO of Media Republic and Managing Director at Cairo 360.

And about Reshaping Norms, Kamel adds, “With COVID-19 hitting hard, it was necessary for us to reach out to our narrators who joined us in previous editions, and who had visions and predictions for the shape of life and economy in the future. We decided to host short videos in which they shall talk about the new reality post-COVID-19, and how such a crisis would reshape the future, especially as the future they had predicted came about faster than anyone could ever imagine.”

The first episode of the series, which is set to begin next week, is courtesy of Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin; the United Nations’ Special Envoy on Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and previous senior VP of the World Bank. Dr Mohieldin will speak about the economic fallout of COVID-19 with respect to the future of small and medium-sized enterprises, and how such a crisis triggers the emergence of innovative ideas in the industrial fields.

You can tune in to Narrative Summit’s Facebook page, Instagram account, or YouTube channel. You can also check Narrative Summit’s Linkedin profile for more information.