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‎‘She is Arab’: The World’s First Platform for Arab-Women Speakers is Up and Running

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‎‘She is Arab’: The World’s First Platform for Arab-Women Speakers is Up and Running
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Seeking to find their place under the Middle-Eastern sun, women have been facing one challenge after another for decades. More trials surely lie ahead, but for the moment, we can say that women have been acknowledged – to some extent – as talented playmakers in society.

Taking another step towards women empowerment and gender equality in the region, two Arab women started a venture that will empower women, allowing them the opportunity to shine, exchange expertise, and find their way to the stage to achieve their goals of equal participation in all areas.

On November the 14th, International development experts, Noha Hefny and Samar Al Shorafa, launched She is Arab; the world’s first platform that gathers Arab women speakers and thought-leaders from every field.

“It is our way as entrepreneurs to contribute by creating opportunities for growth and development, driving partnerships and a concerted effort to deliver impact for women. We are presenting a platform by Arab women for Arab women to enhance leadership and participation in every field.” Noha Hefny – Co-founder of She is Arab.

The platform’s main aim is to help these women develop their skills, as well as build their brand as public speakers. The platform also seeks opportunities for them to shine in their fields of expertise, by creating a pool of coaches, trainers, speakers, and consultants that national and global organisations can rely on.

“I have always been passionate about women empowerment, and I believe it is time for Arab women to own the narrative and tell their own story. We need to see inspirational women at all levels, now more than ever; and there is definitely no shortage of talent in and from the region.” Co-founder Samar Alshorafa.

With a combined 30 years of experience in sustainable development, gender equality, and communications, it’s no surprise to find that among the future goals of She is Arab is becoming a reference point for women empowerment organisations in the Middle East, as well as being a role model for every Arab women to follow.

With many changes coming in the region, we are sure that She is Arab will be an important stepping stone for women to attain the societal position they deserve.